The need for a Requirements and Use Case Advisory Group within the 5G Super Blueprint was identified and requested during the March 2022 Developer & Testing Forum as a result of conversations among LFN communities on how open source platforms fit together in the 5G Super Blueprint.

The role of the Requirements and Use Case Advisory Group is to identify Use Cases, develop requirements, align platform component roles, all under the umbrella of assuring alignment among open source projects within the principals of the 5G Super Blueprint. Member participants are asked to work with the Requirements and Use Case Advisory Group on various tasks, for exemple, requirements development, etc.

Meeting Notes

Name Company/AffiliationContact
@Haseem AhmedONAP, CNCF, TIP, 3GPP, LFN,
Oleg BerzinEquinix/LFE Akraino
Amar KapadiaAarna Networks, EMCO, LFE Akraino PCEI, LFN 5G Super Blueprint,
Muddasar AhmedMITRE/
Neil HoffUS Navy

@seshukmONAP, EMCO
Hanen GarciaRed
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