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The purpose of the page is to document progress and readiness for an LFN TAC review to move EMCO from an LFN "Sandbox" Project to an "Incubation" project.

LFN Project Lifecycle page

TAC Incubation Review

TAC Incubation Reviews should happen before, and provide input into, Board Incubation Reviews.

Required Information for TAC Incubation Review

An up-to-date instantiation of the Project Data Template is required for an Incubation Review.

Criteria for Incubation Review

Mandatory criteria for successful completion of the Incubation review is the documented demonstrable progress since induction toward open source best practices. This would include but is not limited to contributor diversity and open governance.

As an additional (non-mandatory) guideline, the project should show demonstrable progress in marketplace adoption. This may be measured by instances of the project in production or the project being embedded in other open source projects.

As part of the Incubation Review, the TAC should identify how the project fits with other LFN projects, including any overlap or harmonization potential.

Outcome for Incubation Admission Review

As an outcome of the TAC's Incubation Review, the TAC will provide the following feedback to the LFN Governing Board for use as input to the LFN Board's Incubation Review:

  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendation to accept the project into the Incubation stage or not.
Board Incubation Review

It is up to the Board to define its own criteria and process of the Board's Incubation Review. The TAC strongly recommends the Board make its Incubation Review criteria and process public and accept design input from the public.

Budget Guidance: The TAC recommends to the board that any new Incubation project not erode existing TAC project budgets.

Annual Incubation Health Review

The TAC should review all projects in the Incubation state on an annual basis. The goal of the annual health review is to assist the projects in their participation in LFN, ensure the project's community remains healthy, and, where appropriate, assist the project in advancing to the TAC stage (or alternatively choose to remain in incubation).


Open Source Best PracticesStatus
Open governance
Contributor diversityNeed Improve Catagory
Code compliance (license scanning, etc.)
Release management representative(s)
Release management process
LFx SecurityEMCO has been on the LFX Security platform since 
OpenSSF Best Practicies and Badging



Marketplace Adoption
EMCO is currently being tested by a customer in Japan for their use case, which is likely to go into production by end of 2022. Aarna, GXC involved.

Project fit with other LFN Projects
LFN Developer & Testing Forum Sessions participation, including cross-communtiy sessions

2022 LFN Developer & Testing Forum January

2022 LFN Developer Event Topics June#2022LFNDeveloperEventTopicsJune-EMCOTopics

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