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NOTE: This is the weekly technical deep dive call to prep the latest version of the 5G Cloud Native Network Demo for ONE Summit 2021, Oct 11-12. If you would like the meeting invite, please email and

Call Schedule / New Participants

This call has changed to weekly at 7:00 AM PT on Tuesdays leading up to ONE Summit in the fall. Welcome new participants.

Status Check / Open Questions


License issue status? Ready to add emulator/Rebaca? Ready to test for demo? (Sriram/Rajenda)

Licensing issue resolved. Deployment of NGC in progress on Montreal cluster. Working around some issues. UNH Server→local server. Slice creation and E2E data flow.

UNH Resources secured through Jan 2022. Rajendra in touch with Rebaca. They need access to UNH Server (VPN), access issue. Rajendra to connect with Sveto.

Preparing another host to build the NFS Server.

Rebaca to deploy containers on the same cluster: LFN Cluster 1 (Kaloom) Emulating the network to test the core. 


Running in UNH. Replicating in Montreal. Status? Synch for remote instal. Status? (Amit/Sveto)

CapGemini has access, FTP link for binaries uploading. Some access issues, working to resolve. 

FPGA sent? Yes. (Nidhi) FPGA received and swapped out. Nidhi or Sam need to connect. 


VPN connections for testing (Sveto/Hardik) VPN in place. GenXComm, to assess testing (RU/FlexRAN/Latency) to see if this makes sense. Ganesh to connect offline today and confirm the plan. Needs FlexRAN in place pre-testing (on FPGA). Brandon to follow up on FlexRAN installation.

Need to factor in shipping times, customs, configuration.

Demo Options for ONE Summit:

Review of last year's demo/promos. (Brandon)

Rough Timeline (Brandon)

  • Final Testing and Configuration:  -  (Sept 10 ambitious, keep for now to keep things moving)
  • Presentation Development:  -  
    • Slideware/script/video(s)/animation
  • ONE Summit:  -  

Video Capture platform options (Louis)- (Loom, Ezvid, FreeCam)


Core/Kaloom UPF. Firewall (A10) Checking on licensing. new cluster, might have to change FW rules. Brandon to reach out to Konstantin.

REMINDER: "Document as you Build" approach would help expand our options

Other Ideas (Heather)

Slack Communications: The team needs to use the SLACK channel. Who is in Slack? Who is missing? Need to use it!


Notes from calls 072021

Status Check / Open Questions


Sriram: 1. Debugging the slice creation (CapGemini 5G Core) (Rajat helping). 2. Kaloom. Simplification done. Now, final integration. 3. Bring up NGC on Montreal Lab. Licensing needed. Kaloom forwarded to Hanen on Friday. Add Rajendra to the thread. 


Update from Rajat: I am working with Aarna and Kaloom for the slicing demo from core perspective. We have it running in the UNH lab and now we are replicating the same in VCO (Kaloom) lab. Working to resolve it this week. 

Update from Utkarsh: I am including Amit Kapoor to help you with RAN binaries. Amit Kapoor, pls help Brandon and team with RAN CNFs and remote installation. Brandon to connect with Sveto to provide that access. 

Sam/Nidhi to send FPGA. Nidhi checking on this. 


Sveto/Hardik connecting tomorrow on VPN connections for testing.


No other updates. 


Next week: Talk through Demo options for October: What/How to show? Demo Recordings. How to frame?

Can we share what's been done in the past? Brandon to show this to kick off next week. 

Louis: A "Document as you Build" approach would help expand our options. Ties into the Cookbook/Playbook approach.

Louis will explore a video/capture platform. (Loom, Ezvid, FreeCam)

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