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Louis IlluzziLFN
Brandon WickLFN

Nidhi Shivashankara 

Hanen Garcia

Red Hat

Ganesh VenkatramanKaloom
Amar KapadiaAarna Networks. 

The team working most closely with the latest version of the 5G Cloud Native Network Demo met separately to discuss the lab configuration, radio, and components to be included in the next iteration of the demo to be shown at the ONE Summit, Oct 11-12, Los Angeles +Virtual. The Team agreed to meet bi-weekly (during the off-week of the 5G SBP Call) on Tuesday's at 12:00 PM PT. 

Agenda: Status Check

Altran RAN Team has DU/CU built as 2 separate images. Will provide 1 CNF w/o the FlexRAN (will need to write a helm chart). CENTOS on Baremetal. Why? Altran providing L2 & L3. FlexRAN is Layer 1.

FlexRAN itself is not containerized. Container would not be orchestrated by K8s, OpenShift or ONAP. 

Hanen/Kaloom Team to establish Bare Metal space. E2E integration will have hiccups. Can we start working this through and then get on OpenShift. 

Treat as a physical function. If we make process on Container, we move physical to another servers. We will need 2 servers for this. No new instances of the network functions. Sort of like a shared slice. 

We're not sure if Altran wants to create new instances. Will need to check, team has been largely offline due to COVID. Hoping for an Altran update this week. 

Ganesh: Option 1: NF (slice it) Option 2: 2 Different namespace. Not sure which way this is going. 

Hanen/Sveto to work on the server. 

We need to make sure Sam/Nidhi have access to the Lab and can do implementation of the FlexRAN Part. Need the FlexRAN images.

RH can install CentOS, Intel needs to install FlexRAN. We need names/addresses to allow access. 

We need a network diagram here. Amar to take the first pass at a Low Level IP Diagram with IPs/Interfaces. 

Amar to follow up with Utkarsh about CU/DU container, Docker Image, FlexRAN, etc. 

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