Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List:

  1. Qiao Fu (china Mobile)
  2. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  3. Mark Shostak (AT&T)
  4. Mark Beierl (VMware)
  5. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  6. Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T)
  7. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  8. Jim Baker (LFN)
  9. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  10. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  11. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  12. Lei Huang (China Mobile)
  13. Liang Chen (China Mobile)
  14. Al Morton (AT&T)
  15. Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  16. Lincoln Lavoie (UNH-IOL)
  17. Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)

Goals of Meeting

  1. Prague - WIP slides RI and RC
    1. Previewed slides for RI and RC
      1. Mark and Cedric to review content for Cookbook for RI
      2. Mike sent Cedric, Rajesh, and Georg, RC slides and asked for peer review, especially slide 5 (Content progress) 
  2. Status from Lead & Authors (e.g. POD15)
    1. POD15
      1. 1/6 - PXE boot problem fixed - the port  on the switch the pxe NIC  was plugged into was not on the correct VLAN  - untagged was 150 when it should have been 151; fixed and restated the server and now it is pxe from the airship maas server
      2. 1/7 - software deployed successfully, pod-15 manifest merged in opnfv-airship repo
      3. 1/7 - Compliance (test) Validations failed, due to L3 network config issue fixed - basically, public-network creation (which was added as part of the deployment) was done only for pod-17. Now, it's been added it for all the pods (10, 15 and 17).
      4. 1/8 - Compliance validations retriggered - awaiting results. 
  3. Status on MVP Deliverable
  4. Sync on:
    1. Last day for Snezka merge 1/10
    2. Review LFN schedule:
    3. Lincoln (H/W validations)
      1. Lincoln has what he needs for H/W Validation Plug Fest Conversation
    4. Sridhar (Manifest Validations)
      1. Sridhar put together slides for Manifest Validation for Plug Fest Conversation
      2. Jim made aware that Sridhar should be the host/facilitator of the discussion


  • Prague Deliverables 
    • RI
      • Slides Created - review and identify where gaps remain
      • PRs
      • Content for:
        • Lab Requirements (Rajesh, +topology document, send Mark B a link to Pharos) -
          • Initial content developed. 
          • Mark B - working on documenting current state of lab
          • Rajesh - has list of requirements, need to share w/ Mark and put in GitHub repo
        • Installer Requirement (Chen Liang) -
          • Initial content developed.
          • Suggest to close issue #795. Create new issue for HDV and airship updates.
          • Chen has prepared some contents for Prague updates and discussion
        • NFVI required State (Manik, Sridhar, +Manifest validations) -
          • Initial content created and PR closed.
          • Awaiting confirmation from Manik, Sridhar, Rajesh to close.
        • Cookbook (Mark B., important) -
          • Initial content created.
          • Mark, Cedric working on the cookbook
          • Chapter 7 will be the cookbook - targeting end of week, beginning of next week
            • Sections 2-4 Mark, Section 5 Fu Qiao, Section 6 Sridhar, Remaining Sections 7-10 Cedric
          • Mark work with Sridhar, Cedric, and Fu Qiao to open a PR and add missing content
          • Cedric to check with Sridhar to see if we leverage XTesting based container for AirShip deployments (a goal,. but confirm if feasible)
      • Implementation side:
        • PoD state and labs availabilities (Rajesh, +issues/ReleaseNotes) -
          • Initial content created.
          • Awaiting closure from Rajesh.
        • Initial NFVI installation using Airship (even if doesn’t comply to CNTT for now) (Sridhar, +Rajesh) -
          • Initial content created.
          • Mike provided Rajesh with details for expected MVP
          • Pending confirmation to close, as key learnings from installation have been captured in both RI and RC Prague materials
    • RC
      • Slides Created - review and identify where gaps remain
        • Verify chapter content status 
          • Mike sent request to Cedric, Rajesh, and Georg, to review and verify/confirm.
        • Cedric review slides 11-15
        • Sridhar complete Manifest Validation slides
          • Rajesh confirmed on Sridhar's behalf that he has them, and working through updates
      • Content for:
        • Framework requirement (+Manik will reach out to Cedric) -
          • Initial content created.
          • Awaiting Cedric's response/closure
        • Certification process drafted (+Shiby, + Kanag, Manik) - closed and complete
        • Automation / Compliance / Tool chain process and status (+Cedric, +Mark B. reach out to Cedric) -
          • Initial content created.
          • Cedric/Mark working on respective info and content
  • Status 
    • RI
      • Cookbook progress
        • (Cedric/Mark) Started documentation, will put on wiki, will create and complete by 12/23-12/24; will include list of parameters and cookbook by 12/23
      • POD Status
        • pod10 is up and running with current patches
        • pod15 came online 1/7, installs complete, CI in progress (as of 7 pm ct)
      • Chapter Progress by Authors per recent PRs created
    • RC
      • Deployment and Compliance Validation (Cedric) 
        • POD10 deployments & validation issues (question)
        • POD15 deployments & validation issues (question)
      • RM/RA requirements extraction (Rajesh, Sridhar)
        • Identified Ocate>Pike>Stein differences; captured in MVPs and open issues
      • Chapter Progress by Authors per recent PRs created



Additional Notes / Links:

  • RC Work stream
    • RC NFVI: Rajesh, Mike
      • Documentation moving along?  Ch's 1,2,3,4
      • Issues
      • PRs
      • Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        • Receive Lab (date)
        • (In progress) Translate RA requirements to Manifest Needs (See above for Assistance needed)
        • Tune Manifest to match RA requirements (Target End State Lab - POD15) - status of POD 10, then date for POD 15
        • Testing
          1. Prepare automation harness - connectivity, validation (POD10)? – Cedric?
            1. e.g. functest-smoke-cntt was just created. neutron-tempest-plugin-api is already conformed with the current API section.
          2. Create Test Plan
          3. Finalize Test Harness/Framework
          4. Perform Manifest Validations
          5. Results Collection & Normalization
    • RC VNF:  Mike
      • Documentation moving along?  Ch's 5,6,7
      • Issues
      • PRs
      • Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        1. VNF Prototypes
          • (In Progress) Families Identified
          • (In Progress) Test Requirements Identified
          • Strategy

            1. Use POD10 for Network Intensive. 

            2. Measure stats related to the NFVi datapath capacity.

            3. Goal will be to demonstrate full automation of the environment (continuous deployment) with test cases with some useful test results (continuous testing).
            4. Status? Then look at adding compute and storage intensive VNFs and identify test cases that map back to CNTT specified capabilities.(Luc, Sridhar, Al, Trevor - creating more detailed plan?).
        2. Testing
          1. Create Test Plan
          2. Finalize Test Harness/Framework
          3. Results Collection & Normalization
    • RC Dev: Cedric
      • Documentation moving along?  Ch's 8,9,10,11
      • Issues
      • PRs
      • Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        • Jenkins setup
        • VNF prototype
          1.  Development
          2. Connectivity to POD15


Table of Contents Owners:

  • RC: status | issues
    • NFVI
      • Ch01: Introduction: Rajesh, Kanagaraj,Manik (confirmed) -
        • (Refer to PR
        • Synopsis
        • Introduction
        • Principles & Guidelines
        • Goals & Objectives
        • Best Practices
        • Verification methodologies
        • Assumptions & Dependencies
        • Results Collation & Presentation
        • Measurements, Monitoring
        • Governance
        • Resources & References
      • Ch02: NFVI E2E C&V Framework Requirements: Cedric,Manik (confirmed) -

        • Methodology
        • Certification Strategy & Vehicle
        • Profiles Reference
        • Compliance, Verification, and Certification
        • Entry & Exit Criteria
        • Frameworks: e.g. Functest (StorePerf, SampleVNF, others?)
      • Ch03: NFVI Test Case Requirements: Georg,Toshi (question)

        • Assumptions: Automatable, Integrated with CICD tool chain
        • Type of requirement: Bare metal, API, etc
        • Table showing Profile Catalog
        • Identify SW Reference
        • Identify HW Reference
        • Options Available / Configured
        • Extensions Available / Configured
      • Ch04: NFVI TC Traceability to RA Requirements: Rajesh, Dan, Ashok,Deepanshu (confirmed)-

        • SME:Functest knowledge
        • Define RM/RA-1 Openstack requirements
        • Map Framework to Requirements
    • VNF
      • VNF Prototype Plan - details, dates (Trevor)
      • Ch05: VNF E2E C&V Framework Requirements:  Kanagaraj, Cedric,Shiby (confirmed) -

        • Methodology
        • Introduction of Golden VNFs &/or Prototype VNFs
        • Certification Strategy & Vehicle
        • Profiles Reference
        • Compliance, Verification, and Certification process
        • Entry & Exit Criteria
        • Frameworks: Functest, SampleVNF, Prototype Family/Class
      • Ch06: VNF Test Case Requirements: Fu Qiao,Yan Yang (confirmed), Chuyi Guo, Kanagaraj,Shiby (confirmed) -

        • Assumptions: Automatable, Integrated with CICD tool chain
        • Developer Deliverables (artifacts)
        • Type of requirement: Bare metal, API, etc
        • Type of Interactions: Extended Topology, Complex (Akraino), Functional, HA, Fault, Interoperability
        • Table showing Performance Profiles
        • Table of VNF Class/Family & Characteristics of Each
      • Ch07: VNF TC Traceability to RM Requirements: Rajesh, Kanagaraj,Yan Yang (confirmed) -

        • SME:Functest knowledge
        • Define RM/RA-1 Openstack requirements
        • Map Framework to Requirements
    • Dev
      • Deployment Validations (Cedric)
      • Ch08: E2E Framework Integration: Cedric, Kanagaraj,Sridhar (question) Yan Yang (confirmed) -
        • Identify Framework Needs, Goals, and Dependencies
        • Define Opensource Integration (OPNFV, OVP, Functest, CVC, others)
        • Provide Automation Toolchain (list, topology, flow)
      • Ch09: NFVI Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric,Deepanshu (confirmed)

        • Define RM/RA-1 Openstack requirements
        • Map Framework to Requirements
      • Ch10: VNF Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric,Liping Zhao (question),Shiby (confirmed) -
        • Define RM/RA-1 Openstack requirements
        • Map Framework to Requirements
      • Ch11: Gap analysis & Development: Cedric, Kanagaraj,Shiby (confirmed) -
        • Test Case Gaps (Analysis)
        • Automation Gaps
        • Open Stack release comparisons (Ocata, Pike, Queens, Stein, etc)
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