Working Copies (Drafts) of slides.

Authors, please upload latest slides at the end of your day. 


DateAuthorCommentsFile (version)
12/23RickBlank Template

Reference Implementation Workstream - Key Updates.pptx

12/24Fu QiaoInitial Content
12/31Fu qiao 

P18-22: adding Sridhar's input for implementation

P5: update key accomplishment for implementation

P6: update implementation goal

P23:update release notes 

1/6RickStarted to consolidate content.  Requires author updates.
1/08Fu Qiaoconsolidate Rajesh's slides. delete extra slides
1/09Fu Qiaoconsolidate Rajesh's slides.  Provided PDF version.
1/10Fu Qiao

move some slides to appendix. 

add speaker name at the left bottom

1/10Mark BeierlUpdate slide 8 with new recommended lab topology diagram
1/10 6:31 pm ctRick + Mike

Updated (CLEAN) slides 

Updated Goals to include Snezka Alpha deliverables
Rework for initial cookbook - with new upudated URL
Updated Release Notes
Revised / Streamlined content

1/13MikeFinal for Snezka


DateAuthorCommentsFile (version)
12/23RickBlank Template

Reference Certification Workstream - Key Updates.pptx

12/30MikeInitial Content - slides 3-8 and 10-13
12/31MikeUpdated: 3-9 (8 being new), and 11-14 (added 17 from appendix)
Appendix: moved original 11-12 to appendix, added 21-28 (if need to pull from)

Updated: 3-9 (improved formatting, adjusted content/story being told)


Rewrote slides 11-15.


Streamlined content - slides 1-15.

*** NEED Peer Reviews/Edits.  Sent separate email requesting feedback. ***

1/8MikeUpdated slide 5 w/ content progress indicators.
1/9MikeSwapped slides 11 and 12 (changed order).  Added initials to the bottom right for target speakers (pending concurrence).  Provided PDF version.
1/9RickCleaned up content and formatting.  
1/10YanImproved the format about slide4~slide13 and made minor content updates on slide5,slide8,slide11
1/9 (Late US)Mike

Feedback / changes incorporated from Yan and Cedric in Green font color:

3 - RI/RC accomplishment feedback
8 - 2nd bullet, removed NFV from NFV | VNF | CNF
11 - under Not In Scope, removed "ONAP" and left it MANO for VNFs
12 - re-write Framework feedback
13 - update VVP/CVC to VVP/VNFSDK
14 - modify step 2 and add step 6
15 - Conclusion, Audit, and OVP growth achievement

1/10MikeIncorporated feedback for Slide 15 - conclusion and recommendation
1/12MikeFinal for Snezka

Plug-fest: Manifest Validations

DateAuthorCommentsFile (version)
1/6SridharInitial version - 10 slides, draft content
1/10SridharUpdated version
1/10 Mike


Slide 3 - added Goal, added "Approach" header

Slide 10 - emphasized How & When (2020) - w/ timeline
added "Who" with skill needed

1/10RickCLEAN (Final) versions
1/12MikeFinal for Snezka
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