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ProjectLink to Topic Page1-2 Key HighlightsTake-aways
EMCOVirtual: EMCO: Face recognition application demo using EMCO

Robust face recognition use case deployed at the edge using EMCO.

The face recognition app was show working with EMCO, orchestrating the multiple inter-related microservices as a composite app.

EMCO was able to successfully instantiate the app over the K8s clusters without any manual intervention to the clusters.

EMCO-UI was once again shown as the preferred way of interacting with EMCO for deploying workloads/use cases.


3 Sessions

2022-06-16 - Anuket: RC2 - Considering RA2 Traceability and CNF Workloads for Nile - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Review of proposed chapter updates

Discussion of reference granularity of RA-2 feature to conformance tests

Field trials: Importance of and inclusion of Service providers and hyperscalers   

  • RA2 traceability: Cross referencing RA2 requirements and RC2 tests is important should continue, Possible issue between release management and RC2 is in the milestone definitions
  • Anuket Assured vs CNF Conformance: CNF suppliers see having both the CNCF CNF Conformance and the Anuket Assured for CNF-s wasted effort.  In the future we should think about the validity of Anuket Assured workload testing in the light of CNCF CNF Conformance.
  • Field trials: Would drive adoption, If anyone is interested in field trails please notify Scot Steele
  • Discussion:  if the single process type requirement in the CNCF CNF Conformance test is a valid one in an RC2 meeting

2022-06-16 - Virtual: Anuket - Automation and Security - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence


3 Sessions

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Enabling BOD-Based Feasibility Check and Service Provisioning including Time-Aware Calendarization for E-Line Services - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Presentation & Demo of TATA Communications Use Cases: Feasibility Check and Scheduling Flow (AAI/SO/SDNC/EXAPI)

Developed applications that enables scheduling tasks in a given time, including future time (network auto-discovery, service activation/termination, BoD schedules, etc...)

  • E-line orchestration base case started in R3 and running in R9 with full backward compatibility
  • Developed service templates, resource templates, BPMN processes, standardized inventory model, Plugins for network auto-discovery and service provisioning
  • Developed time-aware calendarization support (i.e., scheduling in time-domain network auto-discovery, service activation/termination, BoD schedules, etc…)

ONAP E2E network slicing use case: control loop for ORAN network

Demo of Telecom Italia Use Case based on ONAP Network Slicing/Control Loop, including O-RAN Simulator and emulated O-RAN Network

2022-06-16 - ONAP: Using Automation Compositions for Control Loops and rApps - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Demo of Automation Composition Automation Management (ACM) - definition, commissioning/decommissioning, parametrization, lifecycle (instantiation, status monitoring/change), scalability/resiliency

Can our ONAP Policy component could be used by Nephio?


3 Sessions

2022-06-16 - ODL: Open discussion on new features and improvements

2022-06-16 - ODL: Supporting commercial OpenDaylight deploymentsPresentation of challenges and good practices behind providing commercial OpenDaylight support with NO FORKs.Everyone who would like to get know how to efficiently provide support for OpenDayligh should watch the video!

2022-06-16 - ODL: Ecosystem BoF