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Use @ Macro 

demo / preso,
working session,
team mtg,

LFN Project name(s)

Ignacio Más, 

Senior Expert head of technology innovation in OS

Heather Kirksey Catherine Lefevre

Kenny Paul

David McBride

Welcome From Ericsson

Event Logistics

Huang Haibin

The Automatic Deployment of vCPE TOSCA with HPA 

workshop & demo

Introduce how to automate deploy vCPE of TOSCA with HPA use case. 

The Automatic deployment of vCPE TOSCA with HPA.mp4


A proposal about single management platform for edge cloud

presentation & discussion

Share some conclusion about test on edge virtualization layer (plan selection included) and  discuss about an edge management platform and its necessary functions.

Zoom Recording

A proposal about single management platform for edge cloud.pdf

weichen ni

Key research and technology related to C-RAN/O-RAN network


Discuss about the relative research and technology on C-RAN/O-RAN network including virtualized RAN with white box pico-station, potential MEC scenario with virtualized RAN, Radio Intelligent Controller with virtualized RAN. 


Zoom Recording C-RAN


Kubernetes based cloud region support to deploy all kinds of deployments - VNFs, CNFs, IT application micro-services

Presentation and Discussion

Present the work done as part of ONAP R4 & OPNFV OVN4NFV project and propose new features in ONAP R6 and OPNFV such as :  Multi-Cluster scheduler to schedule applications across multiple sites, Matching engine to identify sites with edge labeling and K8s operator support etc...   Also, will present some use cases and expectations on how they need to get deployed and how ONAP R6 work takes care of these deployments



Container infrastructure for CNFs

Presentation + Discussion

Present current Samsung experiences with CNF infrastructure (outside of ONAP) and discuss how it applies to and can be leveraged in ONAP solution.


@ Yi Yang

Opendaylight scalability issues in super scale data center

Presentation + Discussion

In industries, many commercial SDN products have been rolled out based on Opendaylight, but Opendaylight community release is not ready to enter super scale data center which has 1000+ servers, reliability, horizontal scalability and performance are fundamental requirements, this presentation will point out current scalability issues and possible solutions and propose some effort directions in the future ODL development, also encourage PTLs can participate in discussion and elaborate scalability issues in every project and propose some good solutions. Cloud data center is a critical area Opendaylight must take care of if we want to keep Opendaylight successful continuously.

opendaylight scalability issue in super scale data center.mp4



shasha guo

Experience Sharing of Hardware acceleraion in China Mobile

Presentation + Discussion

Present the work done about hardware acceleration In China Mobile, such as the the OVS offloading test, Also will present some focus about future research.

Experience sharing of hardware acceleration in China Mobile.pdf

shasha guo

OPNFV Rocket project in dataplane acceleration

Presentation + Discussion

Present the desigh thought of common API for hardware acceleration in dataplane. Discuss about th GTP offloading requirement and procedure of VNF, the common API may be use in this prcedure.

OPNFV Rocket project in dataplane acceleration.pdf


All you need to know about the building block workflows in Service Orchestrator.

Presentation + Discussion

This discussion / presentation will give insights to understand the concepts and implementation details behid the SO building blocks, the idea is to make it as simple as possible for someone new to ONAP able to appreciate and use the existing building blocks and futher build / enhance their own on the top.

SO Building blocks.pdf


ONAP Documentation 

Work session

Short term and long term improvements. Followup on ongoing activities. El Alto planning. 

API Documentation Eric Debeau : lessons learnt from existing Documentation. Proposal to verify API compliancy and to use another visualistaion tool for API documentation 

Security and Documentation Eric Debeau , Natacha Mach , Pawel Pawlak : How to better document the various ONAP components and their open ports.

Archi and Documentation Stephen Terrill : how to join efforts for a better documentation. Architecture project started to describe functional view of various ONAP components. How can we ruse it for official documentation ?

End to End Documentation Andreas Geissler Thomas Kulik Eric Debeau : How to better describe how to use ONAP

Structure of  Documentation Andreas Geissler Thomas Kulik : Proposal for discussion (see here; please download and open in browser)

Review of documentation milestones & documentation release process Jim BakerCatherine Lefevre Sofia Wallin


Junfeng Wang Hongjun Ni

Will share online, sorry for that we cannot go there.

Sweetcomb: Unified Management Interface and Integration

Presentation + Discussion

Sweetcomb is an open source project, to provide an unified management interface to configure and telemetry Appliances, VNFs and CNFs.

It can be leveraged in Edge Networking and Cloud, such as SD-WAN, 5G, IoT, etc.

There are 12 industry founders, including Intel, Cisco, Pantheon Technologies,  Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, China Mobile etc.

It has published two official releases so far. https://wiki.fd.io/view/Sweetcomb

The architecture and the implementation of the ONAP Policy Framework was substantially upgraded in the ONAP Dublin release. In this talk, we present the evolved ONAP Policy Framework discussing the most important improvements, and describing the evolved architecture of the Policy Framework. We highlight the power of TOSCA Policy Types and how they can be used to build translation applications.

This session will introduce Sweetcomb project and cover key elements:

1) Provides gNMI interface and OpenConfig Yang models for Cloud.

2) Provides NETCONF & RESTCONF interfaces and IETF Yang models for Telecom.

3) Can Support different Data Planes, such as VPP, DPDK, Linux Kernel and OVS.

4) Can integrate with SDN Controllers and Orchestration, such as ONAP, K8s, ODL and ONOS, etc.

5) Supports High Availability and real-time streaming telemetry in Containers.

FD.io, OpenDaylight, ONAP,



Release process improvements

preso and discussion

Two main topics:

  1. El Alto milestones and release plan
  2. Frankfurt milestones and release plan


Minutes: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/TSC+2019-06-13+DDF+Release+Process+notesONAP

 Modeling Subcommitee

 team mtg

 Modeling subcommitee weekly meeting

 modeling subcommittee

The ONAP Policy Framework Enhancements

Presentation + Discussion

The architecture and the implementation of the ONAP Policy Framework was substantially upgraded in the ONAP Dublin release. In this talk, we present the evolved ONAP Policy Framework discussing the most important improvements, and describing the evolved architecture of the Policy Framework. We highlight the power of TOSCA Policy Types and how they can be used to build translation applications.


Anyone who uses or may use the Policy Framework

Ram Krishna Verma

& "The Policy Team"

Showing the capabilities of New Policy Components in an oom installation of ONAP


Present the new components of Policy Framework using an OOM deployment of ONAP.

Go through each of them one by one explaining the deployment structure.

And then finally showing a demo of creating & deploying policy in a pdp engine using the new architecture.

Note: Recording is covered in the one just above this one.

The postman collection used for demo is attached below.



Anyone who uses or may use the Policy Framework

Zu Qiang (Ericsson)

PNF software upgrade

Presentation + Discussion

Support PNF in-place software upgrade in ONAP Frankfurt

PNF Upgrade (DDF 2019-06-12).mp4


Gervais-Martial Ngueko

Control Loop Sub Committee

Control Loop Frankfurt Planning


Presentation of each of the functional requirements being proposed for Frankfurt releases.

5-15 minutes per functional requirement.



Gervais-Martial Ngueko

Control Loop Sub Committee

Control Loop functional requirements Deep Dive

Working Session

recording of the session:



5G Provisioning management service to NRM

Presentation + Discussion

Based on the current CDS mechanism, present the support of provisioning management service, especially for 5G RAN NRM.


Samuli Kuusela , Security Sub-Committee

Review of ONAP Security Requirements

Working session

Everyone is welcome to join! And give written comments in Jira, see link below.

This is continuation of review of the ONAP Security requirements. We use Jira tickets for conducting the reviews: https://jira.onap.org/browse/SECCOM-103?jql=project%20%3D%20SECCOM%20AND%20labels%20%3D%20ONAPSECURITYREQUIREMENT%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20ASC. As of May 16, requirements up to & including Jira ticket SECCOM-164 have been reviewed.

ONAP security requirements 2019-06-11.mp4

Review of ONAP security requirements 2019-06-12.mp4


Byung-Woo Jun,

@Michael Morris.

@Gareth Roper,

Seshu Kumar Mudiganti

Yan Yang

ETSI SOL003 Adapter Plugin support for SVNFM and Enhancement

Presentation + Discussion

Presentation of ETSI SOL003 Adapter Plugin support for SVNFM and adapter enhancement roadmap for El Alto and Frankfurt

  • Architecture and Features
  • Technical debt
  • Refactoring for Frankfurt
  • Futuristic thoughts around the SOL003 adapter and its possible placement in the ONAP deployment (Food for thought)
    • Possible placement options
    • Package Management based on SOL005 and SOL003
    • ETS Catalog DB support for NS, VNF and PNF



@Michael Morris,

@Gareth Roper

Demo of VNFM Adapter and SO-Monitoring

  • Demo of Dublin VNFM Adapter from SDC to VNF
  • Demo of SO-Monitoring with VNFM work as an example

Demo of VNFM Adapter and SO-Monitoring.mp4


ONAP Offline installer

Presentation + Discussion


  • architecture
  • procedure

What has change since last DDF meeting

  • introducing Integration tests
  • Ansible installer for Cassablanca

Future plans for El-Alto and beyond

  • establish community CI offline builds (including automated offline platform build)
  • align offline installer with community life cycle
  • challenges,  concerns 

Offline installer in Read the Docs: link




Presentation +


ONAP has identified a new ccordinator role to better interact with CNCF

Presentation of potential CNCF components that could be used for ONAP and potential impacts on ONAP architecture.

Discussion about CNF testbed and how we can re-use it

ONAP -and-CNCF.mp4

CNCF has a lot of infrastructure projects that we could reuse inside ONAP

CNCF start works on CNF and we should work together on this topic

ONAP Journey to Cloud Native is ongoing

David McBride


Team MeetingRegular meeting of the OPNFV TSC
Alla Goldner Atul Purohit

ONAP Usecasesub and EUAG joint workshop

presentation + discussion

we will discuss SP priorities as brought to EUAG and requirements coming from ONAP member companies to set priorities and scope for Frankfurt Release


EUAG 2019-06-04 Meeting notesONAP

Experience Sharing of Trustworthiness Improvement In ONAP Development

Presentation + discussion

Introduction Huawei open source team's effort in assuring code and docker security by apdoting open source tools in development, such as coverity and anchore.



ONAP Operations Manager Enhancements 

Presentation and Demo

OOM Enhancements for El Alto and Frankfurt releases. Includes demo of ONAP Operations Manager Dashboard.


ramki krishnan , Srinivasa Addepalli , Mike Elliott , Vijay Venkatesh Kumar

Edge Automation WG

Presentation + Discussion

Community Updates

  • Akraino Collaboration - SD-WAN Blueprints etc.

Progress on https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Edge+Automation+through+ONAP+Arch.+Task+Force+-+Distributed+Management+%28ONAP+etc.%29+components

  • Plans for Frankfurt Releases
  • Related presentations; OOM Enhancements (Mike Elliott), K8S Cloud Region  Support


VNF Application Configuration in ONAP

Presentation + discussion

How ONAP is going to handle VNF Application Configuration? As ONAP is already introducing SOL003 and SOL005, it is worth introducing SOL002 as well. I will present work that Samsung has done as part of the internal demo + discussion about the future of Application LCM interfaces in ONAP.

Catherine Lefevre

ONAP El-Alto Prioritization


This session is dedicated to review the ONAP requirements backlog foreseen for El-Alto.

Feel free to fill in pro-actively the following wiki page: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/El-Alto+Release+Requirements


Minutes: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/TSC+2019-06-13+DDF+El+Alto+Priority+notesONAP

What should be the ONAP TSC Priorities for the next 6 months?


This session is dedicated to identify what would be the top 3 priorities of the TSC in order to support the ONAP Community, to improve any process/toolchain gaps and to build an execution plan accordingly.

Feel free to create new TSC tasks in JIRA under "ONAP TSC" project

Minutes: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/TSC+2019-06-12+DDF+Session+notesONAP

Eric Multanen

Rajendra Mishra 

FlexRAN Onboarding to ONAP

Presentation + Demo

Virtual Radio Area Network (vRAN) is a critical piece for upcoming 5G networks. In this demo, we will show you how to build the FlexRAN (an open source vRAN approximation VNF from Intel), onboard it onto ONAP and then deploy it onto OpenStack. Once the service is deployed, the FlexRAN service performs basic operations in a simulated environment.



Liam Fallon merely submitted session proposal

Developer Unconference


This session gives developers an opportunity to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, areas that can be improved, and areas that threaten project failures. The focus here is on developer issues such as but not limited to languages, coding, processes, tools, methods, project structures. The result of this session could be a report for the steering committee of projects.

One suggestion would be to run this session using a technique such as SWOT analysis but that's only one suggestion. The format of the session and the reporting done from the session is at the discretion of the participants on the day.

DDF 2019 Developers Unconference Meeting.mp4

Notes: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Developer+Unconference+at+Linux+Foundation+DDF+June+2019

Followup Developer Unconference Meeting:

New Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/644920226

Meeting Time: 20/06/2019 2:00pm (GMT +1)

Any Project

AAI Data Model / Visualization Tools / Graph Traversals

Presentation and demo

We will look at the AAI data model and some of the visualization tooling that is being developed around it.  We'll look at AAI custom queries that allow for easy traversals of the graph database, and touch on new features for even more flexible traversals slated for future releases.



ONAP TSC Meeting

Team Meeting


Minutes: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/TSC+2019-06-13

Recording: https://r.lfnetworking.org/lfn-zoom/ONAP/TSC-Meetings/TSC-2019/tsc-2019-06-13.mp4

Yehui Wang

Experiences in switching to Alpine Linux and upgrading to Java 11

Presentation + discussion

This session would cover two experiences sharing topics, that is gathered in working at Policy Framework but can be applied anywhere:

  1. Switching docker base image from ubuntu to apline, that would reduce footprint signicantly . 
  2. Investigation result about upgrade Java 11 from Java 8, that is tricker than most upgrades. We have to face some challenges, like:
    some modules were removed or deprecated, we need to find the replacements; IDEs, plugins and tools also need to be updated; some new features are introduced, etc.

Meanwhile it would be also great to listen to your opinions.

Davide Cherubini

ONAP Platform with network security as an application

Presentation + discussion

Looking into security of the managed environment, this could be represented as a 3rd party application using ONAP.  The questions to explore are: how does a 3rd party application use ONAP? What are the options and approaches?


SO Multicloud Plugin adapter usage and plans

Presentation + discussion

Demonstrate use of the SO multicloud plugin adapter to instantantiate workloads via Multicloud – showing how HPA policies can be utilized and also deployment to Kubernetes cloud regions.  Discuss API, feature/functionality work items, integration, etc.



ONAP Orchestrated SD-WAN & Edge

Presentation +Demo

Sharing the demo of using ONAP to orchestrate SD-WAN and Edge. Will cover the following topics:

1.Share the scenario of SD-WAN & Edge

2.How we model it in ONAP SDC.

3.Closed loop;Band width on demand.

ONAP Orchestrated SD-WAN and Edge.mp4


Harry Huang

Running ONAP on Public Cloud

DemoDemonstrate the steps to create a running ONAP instance on Huawei Public Cloud.

Yan Yang

OpenLab Subcommittee 

OpenLab El Alto/Frankfurt Planning

Working session

Open Lab Subcommittee meeting

1. Lab update  - invite lab owner to introduce the lab latest status

2. Disscuss how to better utilize lab resources and oversight lab utilization

3. OpenLab E/F work planing

WIN LAB update
1. Have some quesitons about ONAP deployment automation, next plan: OpenLab will have a cooperation meeting do discuss this details
OpenLab E/F planning
1. Open Lab repo proposal
Team think this is a good idea, next step is to apply this gerrit repo and plan the dirctory under the repo
2. Add lab requirements to ONAP milestone
Team think we should consider whether the proposal is practical.
Because it proposal mainly for usecase and functional requirements, so next plan is to propose this to usecase subcommittee and collect feedback

Unified Parser/Catalog in ONAP


1.Introduce the implemented tosca parser microservice 

2. The E/F work planing

3. Requirements Collection

1. Introduction about generic parser and call for requirements
2. The unified catalog plan and call for requirements

Yan Yang

@Chengli Wang

VF-C Dublin Highlights and Commercial Application


1.Introduce the VF-C work in Dublin

2.The VF-C commercial application from different vendor

3. The VF-C Requirements collection and discussion in E/F 

Sharing the experiences in developing CMCC NFV Orchestrator with ONAP,  some concerns/improvements/requirements about projects of ONAP

Demonstrate CMCC NFV Orchestrator, including package management, life cycle management. etc.

1. In order to deal with the problem that the SDC output is inconsistent with the VFC input, now have manual step in SDC.
Ericsson suggest we can leverage the PNF onboard process to less the manual step. next plan is to verify this function in SDC.
2. The VF-C workflow is the same with workflow in SO
The current VF-C workflow integrated with different workflow ,such as wso2, activity and can provide unitfy API as microservice
3. The requirements collected for F release will be discuss one by one in VF-C following weekly meeting.

Thinking of PNF Software Upgrade Using Ansible


Present the work done about PNF software upgrade using Ansible, and propose the enhancement roadmap for El Alto/Frankfurt, such as:
1. SO workflow
2. Query and update A&AI
3. Northbound API
4. Ansible management API
5. etc.


Intelligent Automation with ONAP


This session is dedicated to solicitation and planning for network intelligence collaboration proposals with ONAP community.


  • Vimal shares the closed-loop vision of intelligent network architecture. It is recommended to build a big data platform and model training platform around Datalake to complete the loop with Acumos, DCAE and Datalake.
  • Stephen shares the work related to 3GPP SA2 NWDAF and SA5 MDAF, and proposes to coordinate the relevant functional architecture to achieve consistency with the community.
  • Srini shares the progress of the AAAS use-case. It is recommended to cooperate with the demonstration application of China Mobile's core network element intelligent expansion and expansion, and collaborative development for specific intelligent scenarios. An open source reference implementation that integrates edge orchestration and intelligent network architecture.
  • There is a discussion of working procedure, it is recommended to set up a virtual working group and follow the existing workflow of the community (use-case, architecture, modeling, etc.).

5G Slicing Mgmt with ONAP


This is a discussion session intended to host a dedicated discussion on implementation options on how to enable end-to-end 5G slicing as part of ONAP automated service provisioning/operation.  Gaps in contexts of different options will be discussed for corresponding planning. 

5G Slicing Mgmt with ONAP.pdf


  • 3GPP SA5 defines the reference architecture and workflow for 5G Slicing Management but with no standard interfaces between the three layering architecture.
  • A new two-layering implementation architecture of the 3GPP functional architecture leveraging TMF openAPI is reflected in commercial solutioning and external ONAP PoCs.
  • Call for a common approach to converge different options and work complementary manner to accelerate 5G slicing management use-case realization.

OOMP CD Gating Feedbacks


ONAP OOM Gating has been using Orange OpenLab platform for any new OOM patch. More than 500 ONAP deployments launched to validate OOM modification.

Lessons learnt and how to extend this process to other projects.


Archecture brainstorm on Modularization

 Presentation and Discussion

During the dublin release, there were steps taken towards modularization.  This is to have a brainstorm to identify possible next steps

June DDF - Architecture - Modularity.mp4

 ONAP Architecture

 ONAP Architecture Priorities for Release F


 A discussion to recieve input from the community about Architecture Topics to be prioritized heading for Release F (and beyond).

June DDF - Architecture - Release F.mp4

 ONAP Architecture

Improve ONAP tests and  remove specific use-cases artifacts from ONAP components code


Improve ONAP tests and verify that every pod is using in one or more end-to-end use-case or test cases.

Improve use-case documentation to explain the list of components used per use-case (by use-case owner)

Detail for each use-case the list of pods involved for every use-case (by PTL)

Remove use-case code/artifcats from the ONAP components code and create dedicated repos for the use-case gathering all the artifacts to be used for a use-case


ONAP Versionining


Improve ONAP versioning process

ONAP Versioning should be streamlined

It would reinforce "rolling-release" goal

it would make ONAP test more reproductible


Heat and TOSCA VNF validation program

Presentation and discussion

Finalize the integration and work plan on the CVC (compliance and verification community) minimum viable product (MVP) for VNF Validation (life-cycle) program.  This program will award a badge to VNF products (HEAT or TOSCA) meeting the programs test case / success requirements. Form this meeting, there needs to be secure commitments for resources, firm understand the timeline and milestones. Engage ONAP TestSuite/integration,  VVP, and VNFSDK teams in this process.  

VNF Validation Minimum Viable Product


ONAP TOSCA VNF Compliance and Validation MVP Requirements

 Working Session

 Work out release E/F TOSCA VNF Compliance and Validation requirements, including VNF package format and VNF test cases. If  you have proposals, please upload https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/display/LN/TOSCA+VNF+Compliance+and+Validation+Requirements+Proposal+for+R5

ONAP TOSCA VNF working session discussion.pdf

Paweł Wieczorek

ONAP pentest summary

Presentation + Discussion

Summary of ONAP code base pentest. Sharing lessons learnt and discussing approaches for vulnerability prevention.


  1. General availability of pentest report
  2. Focus efforts on limiting exposure
  3. Issue reporting and tracking procedures already in place
Paweł Wieczorek

Kubernetes security guidelines automated validation

Presentation + Discussion

No Kubernetes cluster should stay vulnerable. Easiest way of ensuring that is to use an automated assessment tool. Session will cover current approaches for this task as well as gather ONAP requirements for such utility.

2019-06-11 Kubernetes security guidelines automated validation.mp4

  1. Provide information on unmet CIS benchmarks in default Kubernetes cluster deployment
  2. Select small (~5) set of crucial unmet CIS benchmarks and provide recommendation for cluster deployment configuration in RKE
  3. Investigate possibility of reusing multiarch images for further lowering attack surface
Paweł Wieczorek

Online runtime dependency removal proposal


Not all ONAP container images keep the binary content idempotent. In several cases additional runtime dependencies are downloaded after container starts. Consequences and possible solutions will be discussed during this session.

2019-06-11 Online runtime dependency removal proposal.mp4

  1. Dependency removal
    1. report issues
    2. add detection script to OOM gating
    3. fix if possible (and enough resources)
  2. Contextual dependencies
    1. adapt OOM gating procedure
    2. detect on OOM gating
  3. Security improvement recommendations
    1. read-only filesystem
      1. enable on selected set of images (~50)
      2. report findings
    2. privilege reduction (on hold)

ONAP + Service Mesh

Presentation + Discussion

This session would introduce how to utilize service mesh to enable visibility of ONAP services.

Discussion: what service mesh can do to help on ONAP and how to better use service mesh in ONAP.


ONAP El Alto Security SoW proposal

Presentation + Discussion

The goal of this session is to present ONAP SECCOM Scope of Work proposal and discuss with stakeholders feasibility, time line and responsibilities for:

  • relevant updates - version management (Kubernets, Docker, Python, Ubuntu, Alpine, Java etc.)
  • known vulnerabilities - repositories updates

2019-06-12 ONAP El Alto Security SoW proposal.mp4

Vulnerability Management process review

Presentation + Discussion

This session would provide better understanding of documented process and sharing with the LFN community lessons learned.

CII Badging - best practices of best practices

Presentation + Discussion

Review of the process with special focus on the achievements and pending points in the context of ONAP.


To update Security By Design milestones checklist with CII Badging periodic review.

To force with LFN (Steve Winslow) adding Jim as CII Badging editor for 4 remaining ONAP projects. 

ONAP + any other interested project


Working SessionReview with the participants SECCOM backlog, summary of recent achievements and pending actions.

Paul-Ionut Vaduva

@Cristina Pauna

Using dockherhub's public registry for CI/CD builds - An ONAP use-case

Presentation + 


A new proposal to use dockerhub's own docker registry for storing the Ci/CD/daily docker images builds as opposed to other implementations. Discussions around reliability, outreach of the registry, speed of new feature adoptions (like multi-architecture support) and daily performance.

The presentation will have three parts:

  1. A brief introduction to dockerhub.
  2. How dockerhub is used on LF projects CI/CD pipelines
  3. ONAP use-case. How dockerhub public registry can benefit ONAP CI/CD build pipeline, what are the challenges, what are the tech teams requirements, proposed migration plan, and stakeholders, expressed and addressed concerns so far

After the presentation we would like to initiate Q/A and expression of other concerns not addressed so far, to be addressed or to be made known to us so we can addressed them in subsequent refinements of this proposal.

1. Using Docker Hub is a must in order to support platform independent images

2. We want to extend the Jenkins build pipeline to build in parallel docker images for multiple architectures; this has little impact on the team's effort as it doesn't impact the artefacts (Java or Python services) build process at all

3. Migrating from Nexus3 to Dockerhub in ONAP requires a team effort between tech teams in ONAP (PTLs), LinuxFoundation (Releng) and the Multiarch team but among us we have the experience to deliver this in a smooth way

ONAP (ONAP PTL's foremost)
Dan Timoney

Extending CCSDK : adding a new plugin

Presentation + Demo
This session will walk developers through an example of extending the ONAP CCSDK library by adding a new plugin.  We will cover:
  • Where to add the code in Gerrit
  • What else needs to be updated in order to make the new plugin available in the controller container
  • How to test the change locally


Network Management community coordination

Presentation + Discussion

Presentation of proposed WoW

Soliciting ideas and discussing plans for coordination with 3GPP SA5, ETSI NFV, ETSI ZSM, IETF, BBF, MEF, TMF in the area of network management.


 Architecture Items for Release E


 Colect any issues for Architecture Release E to be considered. 

 ONAP Architectrue

Lab as a Service Proposal and Discussion

Presentation + Discussion

We will have a short presentation on what Lab as a Service is, where we are today, and how we plan to proceed. We want to have time to discuss the LaaS project proposal with the community and answer any questions.

The LaaS team is not able to attend, so this will have to be a remote session.


Robot Testing Enhancements in Dublin and Plans for El Alto

Presentation + Discussion


Certificate management and Secure Storage discussion

Discussion + Presentation

With the introduction of mTLS for the Dublin release, there have been troubles with proper certificate handling with external CA support and secure key storage. As a result, some ONAP projects ended up using manually configured certificates.
A centralized solution for certificate handling, secure storage and KMS that ONAP projects easily can integrate with is important for future release. Focus will be on external interfaces.

It would be good for the community to get clear guidelines from SECCOM which solution we will target in long term and for Frankfurt. In this session there will be multiple presenters. First topic will be regarding background from Dublin and the need to introduce CMPv2 with  welcomed discussion regarding how this might be done.

Second presentation will be held by AAF PTL related to the current plans and solution in AAF regarding certicate handling and secure key storage. 
Third presentation will be held by Intel regarding their investigation and PoC for ISTIO CA private key secure storage using softhsmv2.

Certificate handling and secure key storage discussion Kista ONAP F2F 2019-06-12.mp4

Three new requirements for PKI in ONAP Frankfurt were proposed. Alternative 1 from how to use CMPv2 was said to be the initial target for the community, further discussion might be needed. This target would modify two previous Dublin requirements to not go for a true "RA" but for a CMPv2 client.

Status update and demo from AAF and  latest progress regarding certificate handling. Demo for auto certificate renewal  and other. See zoom meeting for demo.

Community sync and alignment between the current two tracks (AAFvsISTIO) to be further discussed and analyzed. Possibility to reuse SoftHSMv2 solution from ISTIO/Intel PoC also for AAF as they both target PKCS#11. 

Jacqueline Beaulac

Reverse engineering of data models -- how and why

Presentation + discussion

Many ONAP components have developed their own data models independently to fill their own needs. As the complexity of ONAP increases, there is a need not only to document these data models, but also to compare them, find commonalities,  create abstractions, and define common principles. One path to this is through reverse-engineering.

This session will present different considerations and techniques when reverse-engineering data models to a common notation, looking at specific examples. The intention is to start a discussion around the needs in the community and how to best fulfil them.



Hello World Closed Loop (CDS and Policy aka APEX integration)

 demo + presentation/discussion

 A PoC has been progressed to explore CDS integration with APEX for a PNF closed loop. 

This activity has brought up interesting questions, possible requirements and next step proposals for further architectural exploration in the  area of policy framework and CLAMP. We are happy to share it in the comunity to open a discussion.



Evolution of LCM support in SO and controller for R6


For R6 it is proposed to extend LCM support in ONAP components as enabler for use cases such as PNF SW upgrade:

  • General improvements to PNF support
  • Introduce the CDS blueprint processor as option in the controller layer for handling of LCM actions

This session will look at bit closer at the problems and project impact



xNF License Management and ONAP


A top-down approach for xNF license management and ONAP: proposal with a few license management principles, and some existing use cases with license management aspects included.

xNF License Management and ONAP.mp4


Contributing to ONAP from a beginner's perspective


Small rant about state of things in ONAP from a "new" developer perspective.



Model driven ONAP


Continuing on from the presentation / discussion in San Jose in April, taking Policy Framework as an example for defining model-driven ONAP architecture

Model Driven ONAP.mp4


Review status of ONAP architecture task forces and next steps

presentation/discussionWalkthrough the ONAP architecture taskforces to identify which should remain open and what is the intent in the next few months, and update on the current status.

Documenting ONAP Architecture

presentation/discussionWalkthrough of the approach being taken to capture the functional ONAP architecture.

Three best practices that will improve your container development experience

Presentation & discussion

ONAP uses a number of different container base images and different versions of the same base images: 5 different versions of node, 9 different versions of openjdk and 13 different versions of Python across ONAP projects. This approach has led to duplication of efforts and inefficiencies, such as resource consumption, large footprint and long build times. Also, teams experience unnecessary pain when unexpected changes occur in upstream projects.

What if we adopted three best practices to tackle these issues together and increase re-usability, stability and security.

First, to exploit cross-project commonalities and increase re-usability, adopt a set of common base images, (onap/base-xxx) with a well-defined life cycle controlled by PTLs.

Second, to guarantee stability, setup a mirror of the Alpine Linux distribution that's locked during development cycles. Base images and libraries will remain stable during each development cycle and will only be updated in-between development cycles.

Third, let the security sub-committee proactively participate in the vetting of the OS distribution and base image in order to address any security concern before a development cycle starts.



Open source impact on the telecom industry


Open discussion on the opportunities and hurdles for open source code in the Telecom industry



Closing Remarks  LF + TSC Chairs

David McBride

OPNFV Release Plan and Iruya Planning

Presentation and discussionReview release plan proposal and discuss Iruya planning.

API Gateway/API Fabric Proposal

Presentation & Discussion

Related to the API GW Proposal being discussed in the Architecture committee - Discussion on the problems, functional capability, project alignment and technology (Service Mesh, API GW Solution, K8S API Aggregation etc) . Seek guidance from ArchComm on next steps


CDAP - Data Analytics framework in ONAP

Presentation & Discussion

CDAP - current state ; History with respect to ONAP ; Future Roadmap ; Google's managed version of CDAP on google cloud - Cloud Data Fusion  - https://cdap.io/

CDAP as edge analytics platform

 Vijay Venkatesh Kumar


 Onsite support - David Farrelly James Cuddy

ONAP-DCAE Dublin Features + Demo

Presentation & Discussion

DCAE Dublin features highlights/demo & future release focus

Recording : DCAE_DDF_Session_06122019.mp4




20 minute session to cover the following:

  • Review the status of the Certified ONAP Professional exam
  • Discuss the challenges faced
  • Invite community members to help with specific questions/API documentation
  • Invite community members to be alpha/beta testers

No Slides

  • Reviewed various sections of the exam
  • Reviewed the complexity of developing each question
  • Asked for volunteers for alpha, beta, and/or test development

@Al MortonVSPERF Project MeetingWorking Session

1 Hour session


  0. What is VSPERF?

  1. Development Update
  2. Containerizing VSPERF Status Update/Demo from Shailesh (Intern)
  3. Container networking in VSPERF Status.
  4. ..AOB

Regular Meetng Zoom:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/2362828999

No Slides

  • Intern Demo of control container (ver 2)
  • Questions from Cedric about choice of container platform versions - Add Cedric for gerrit reviews
  • Introduce Anca from Ixia/Keysight to the project. Pierre/Ixia will look into providing real-time loss results as .csv files.
 Henrik Andersson DCAE SDKDiscussion How to utilize the DCAE SDK  https://zoom.us/j/535885122
OVP IntroductionPreso

Introduction to OVP. This session will set up the business drivers and high level expectations of OVP. For those that have not been involved in OVP work to date, this will be a good set up for working sessions later in the week.

David Perez Caparros

BBS Use Case Demo/Q&A


Demo of BBS (Broadband Service) use case, status in Dublin, technical debt for future releases



4th ETSI NFV Plugtests Summary & Learnings for ONAP


Brief description of the ONAP interop activities at the 4th ETSI NFV Plugtests held from June 3-7, 2019. We will also cover our learnings.

Sriram Rupanagunta

ONAP OOM GUI based installer


Demo of a prototype GUI around OOM to simplify installation of ONAP

ONAP OOM GUI based installer.mp4