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Kenny PaulLFN Staff
Kader KhanWavelabs
Aarna Networks
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Sveto IgnjatovicKaloom
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Tracy Van BrakleAT&T

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Robert Edwards Matrixx
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Mansoor KhanWavelabs
Yogesh Pandey Wavelabs

Agenda/Talking Points:

  • Start Recorder- helps facilitate minutes and Action Items
  • Antitrust
  • Welcome 1st time attendees
  • Demo/PoC 2021 & Super Blueprint Jira
  • Proposal to split Demo/PoC 2021 and Super Blueprint meetings
    • Proposal: Same day, same time, same cadence: 1st 30 minutes for Demo, 2nd 30 minutes for Super BP
  • Demo/PoC 2021:
    • Status on current work demo: 5G Cloud Native Network 
  • 5G Super Blueprint:
    • The need for Basic Governance
      • Options: Wiki page, charter, etc. 
      • Technical decision making (general consensus, voting etc.)
      • License/License header
    • Leverage Akraino Playbook methodology
      • Louis to lead from LFN Staff. Amar to advise on Blueprint structure/outputs
      • Additional help/focus here welcome

LF Anti-trust

  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.

Welcome 1st time attendees

Several new names were on the call today. Welcome all. If you have any questions about participating in this effort, please send to Brandon Wick ( and Louis Illuzzi (

Demo/PoC 2021 & Super Blueprint Jira

When we start to use Jira, how will we track components? We are federating with other upstream projects, e.g. Anuket, ONAP. Cross-tagging possible. ONAP community happy to pilot the initiative with us. We need to better define how we are doing this and what is the process to provide feedback. A separate work stream is being set up in ONAP to help integrate with the 5G Super Blueprint. Looking for a concrete use case & process for participation. Kenny syncing with the ONAP TSC.

Proposal to split Demo/PoC 2021 and Super Blueprint meetings

Group discussed the best way to support both tracks of the work (ongoing demo and new super blueprint work). We will see over time about how this develops. We will start with an informal spit in the agenda to feel this out.

Demo/PoC 2021

FlexRAN + Altran RAN + OpenShift Containers Update (Hanen/Rajat/Sam)

Faraday cage built and ready. Containerization work taking a long time. Option for a work around might be to do a PNF for now (if containerization/orchestration can't be fixed). Hanen/Rajat/Sam to provide an update. 

5G Radio Update (Sriram V)

Radio from GenxComm will be packaged up and shipped to Montreal soon.

Heating issue in radio fixed, waiting for the new radio to be shipped (likely end of this month). Once received in US, needs to be shipped to Montreal. Customs with Canada is usually pretty quick.

E2E 5G Slicing Update (Sriram R)

Sriram: ONAP Honolulu up and running, able to do the slicing, with 5G core (at UNH). Built a blueprint between ONAP & 5G Core. Will move this from UNH lab to Montreal lab and integrate with Kaloom UPF. Note: ONAP Honolulu is target for release at the end of the month. 

5G Super Blueprint Discussion

LFN staff exploring optimal approach toward technical decision making, licensing, lightweight governance, etc. Developing an area where definitions, tools, etc can be found. Asking LF legal team for input on what might be required, without adding undue overhead. It's important that demo artifacts be make public, available, and accessible. This is needed for easy industry replication and to avoid forks. Best Practice: Upstream first, document all key steps, track outputs, make available. Associating code with a Jira instance. Most of what will go into shared repos is scripts, playbooks, etc. POCs are not production ready, we need to define them. When using commercial components, that needs to be called out and defined. Important to remain vendor neutral. Perhaps adding "multi-vendor, interoperable" to the definition. Include a description around participating labs. Heather to craft an Ethos/FAQ to better define the super blueprint. LFN community members are welcome to use LFN's LaaS to work out demo components. More lab resources from the community are welcome, e.g. TIP. 

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 4, 8:00 AM PT/1500 UTC. Louis is on PTO 05/03 to 05/10, returning 05/11


5G Super Blueprint Overview

The team concurs to reuse parts of the 5G Cloud Native demo/PoC into the 5G Super Blueprint where is makes sense. And to share technologies and methodologies. For example; common orchestration engine (based on ONAP), 5G-UE and gHB emulators, etc.

Working Group Logistics

Proposal: Use the foundation built by the LFN Demo: 5G Cloud Native Network working group as the "home" of the 5G Super Blueprint.

Track 1: Current Demo: 5G Cloud Native Network + RAN Integration + Network Slicing. Goal: Publish and promote working demo in Summer/Fall

Track 2: 5G Super Blueprint: In parallel, built a 5G Super Blueprint (specs, scripts, instructions, etc) covering the phases presented earlier. 

The tracks will use the SAME: Wiki, Mailing List, Slack Channel, & Meeting Schedule (to start). As needed, we could potentially split out a separate 5G Super Blueprint call, sub-section of the wiki, Slack Group, etc.


LFN TAC Whitepaper

Parking Lot:

  • The LFN TAC is interested in helping promote and move the 5G Super Blueprint forward. It has been proposed to present 5G Super Blueprint to the TAC on Wednesday 04/07.
  • Status on current work
  • Leveraging 5G Cloud Native Network Demo (Proof of Concept) 2021
  • 5G Super Blueprint Criteria
    • Open source components where available
    • Proprietry components where Open Source component does not exist or is not compatible
    • LFN TAC Consult
  • Blueprint Outputs (scrips, docs, mode/Yaml/Yang files). Do it in stages.
    • Establish forcing function
    • Consider leveraging Akraino best practices
  • Establish upstreaming process
  • 5G Super Blue Print Playbook
  • Establish joint/cross project repos
    • Separate demo and 5G Super BP Jiras
    • Jira cross tagging- need IT discussion

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