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LFN Staff
Amar KapadiaAarna Networks
Sriram RupanaguntaAarna Networks
Manjunath WaradIBM
Sveto IgnjatovicKaloom
Parthiban NalliamudaliWavelabs
Mansoor KhanWavelabs
Sandeep PanesarTurnium
Neil Hoff NIWC Pacific

Agenda/Talking Points:

  • Start Recorder- helps facilitate minutes and Action Items
  • Antitrust
  • Welcome 1st time attendees
  • Slack Channel:
  • Email group:
  • The LFN TAC is interested in helping promote and move the 5G Super Blueprint forward. It has been proposed to present 5G Super Blueprint to the TAC on Wednesday 04/07.
  • Status on current work
  • Leveraging 5G Cloud Native Network Demo (Proof of Concept) 2021
  • 5G Super Blueprint Criteria
    • Open source components where available
    • Proprietry components where Open Source component does not exist or is not compatible
    • LFN TAC Consult
  • Blueprint Outputs (scrips, docs, mode/Yaml/Yang files). Do it in stages.
    • Establish forcing function
    • Consider leveraging Akraino best practices
  • Establish upstreaming process
  • 5G Super Blue Print Playbook
  • Establish joint/cross project repos
    • Separate demo and 5G Super BP Jiras
    • Jira cross tagging- need IT discussion

LF Anti-trust

  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.

5G Super Blueprint Overview

The team concurrs to reuse parts of the 5G Cloud Native demo/PoC into the 5G Super Blueprint where is makes sense. And to share technologies and methodologies. For example; common orchestration engine (based on ONAP), 5G-UE and gHB emulators, etc.

New Article on Linux Foundation website:

New Landing Page on LFN website:

Amar Kapadia made a presentation at ONEEF. See Slides here.

  • Concern raised about using commercial RAN in 5G Super Blueprint. The intent is to move to all open source for platform components, e.g Open RAN and Open Core. 
  • O-RAN and OPEN RAN go beyond 3GPP specs to define new architecture, interfaces and deployments options. 
  • Any proprietary elements used in the demo will be purely 3GPP based and therefore interchangeable 
  • Lincoln Lavoie Can look into linking labs together if needed

Industry Drivers: US GOVE OPS / OPS 5G involvement. Recognition that many of these components to build exist in open source.

Starting with open core and open RAN as a default. Initial slides are a suggestion, inspired by OPS 5G.

Ranny Haiby Leading effort at 5G Super Blueprint Whitepaper. Learn more and sign up to contribute here:

Working Group Logistics

Proposal: Use the foundation built by the LFN Demo: 5G Cloud Native Network working group as the "home" of the 5G Super Blueprint.

Track 1: Current Demo: 5G Cloud Native Network + RAN Integration + Network Slicing. Goal: Publish and promote working demo in Summer/Fall

Track 2: 5G Super Blueprint: In parallel, built a 5G Super Blueprint (specs, scripts, instructions, etc) covering the phases presented earlier. 

The tracks will use the SAME: Wiki, Mailing List, Slack Channel, & Meeting Schedule (to start). As needed, we could potentially split out a separate 5G Super Blueprint call, sub-section of the wiki, Slack Group, etc.

Status Update

FlexRAN + Altran RAN + OpenShift Containers Update (Hanen/Rajat/Sam)

FlexRAN- working in integration between San Diego and Montreal labs. No ETA.

Faraday Cage- cage is built; working on connectivity between rack and cage. Radio delivery is pending

5G Radio Update (Sriram V)

Radio from GenxComm will be packaged up and shipped to Montreal soon.

Update from Sriram V: Our manufacturer found an overheating issue with the PA, and had a recall notice. We have sent the unit back. We are expecting a new unit by end of this month with heating issue fixed. In the meantime, we have onboarded a second (plan B) manufacturer just in case this issue is not resolved in a timeline manner. ETA is end of April.

E2E 5G Slicing Update (Sriram R)

Track 1- ONAP (Honolulu) needed to be rebuilt. Issue with a component certificate. Need a few more days to get ONAP back up.

Track 2- Integtration to Altran 5G core is progressing. ETA 1 to 2 weeks. Then next step is integration with ONAP

Demo Playbooks

We need to better define demo artifacts and components for reusability.

Demo Marketing


How To Page: How to replicate the demo page now moved over to LFN Wiki: Demo participants from last time: Please review and add your demo contribution set up. 

Video Series: We'll be using this How to guide for short video interviews with demo participants that we'll also turn into blog and promote through LF/LFN channels. 

This will keep our marketing active and help us lead up to and promote the next demo version to be unveiled in the Summer/Fall.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 20th, 8:00 AM PT/1500 UTC.

Questions: Ask them on the mailing list and Slack Channel.


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