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  • LFN Demo Infra Updates (Wiki, Slack, Mailing List)
  • TAC Review
  • Demo Next Steps (5G Radio, Network Slicing, etc.)
  • Promotions
  • Next Meeting

LFN Demo Infra

TAC Review

  • LFN Demo Plan well received by LFN Technical Advisory Council
  • Major points of feedback:
    • Participating LFN projects (e.g. Anuket, ONAP, etc.) should contribute project outputs (code, docs) upstream to project repos
    • Demo should be replicable by the industry at large
    • Make demo approachable for newcomers (e.g a storyboard)

      • Step 1 – Read this 1 page (or watch this short video) that explains what this demo is about.

      • Step 2 – Watch the full demo video.

      • Step 2a – How to get your questions answered?

      • Step 3 – Read a Whitepaper to understand potential use cases.

      • Alternate Step 3 – Login to some lab to experiment.

      • Alternate Step 3 – Download the demo code and run it in your lab.

      • Step 4 – Here is how to get involved and contribute to the demo.

5G Radio Option Integration: (Aarna, GenXComm, Intel, Altran)

  • Rajat Kapoor, Sriram V. from GenXComm. Requested FlexRAN compatible radio. Option 7.2. Request Aarna participation. Plan to expand 5G Radio integration in Montreal. Can build Faraday cage there. 

5G Network Slicing (Guilin): (Aarna, ONAP Slicing Team).

  • Discussions with Slicing team started. Deployed Guilin, still working. Integration/testing ongoing. Tests/pending, docs not up to date. Weekly meetings. Step 1: Bring up Guilin, Step 2: Start integration with Altran 5G core, Step 3: Bring in Kaloom UPF. Rough timeline: End of Feb.
  • Note: This is somewhat independent of the Radio as we are using an emulator. At some point, we can merge these 2 instances into 1. 

Promotional Idea:

  • Feature what we can show now (from last demo version)
  • Break demo up into different pieces, interview demo participants around their contributions, raise visibility, describe challenges faced and overcome.
  • LFN Webinars + Blog

Next Meeting:

  • Will meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays, follow up meetings on specific topics will be held as needed on Fridays.

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