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X-Project Track

  • Lessons Learned: Integration, From the Cradle to the Stage
  • Cross Community Infra/CICD
  • LFN Compliance/Verification Governance 
  • Build Once Use Many : A Comprehensive Approach to API Validation and collaboration for all stakeholders
  • Harmonizing documentation across LFN 

  • Re-using OPNFV framework tests for LFN projects 

SDO Track

  • Collaboration between Open Source (ONAP) and SDO for SDN/NFV modeling/API 
  • ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - Functionality, API

  • ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - VNF Package, VNF Descriptors

  • IETF & LFN projects coordination 

Containers/Cloud Native Track 

  • Building Cloud Native, Web Scale, Deployable VNFs with Service Mesh Architecture
  • Managing State in Cloud Native VNFs
  • Building container-based NFV solutions with VPP integration and ONAP orchestration

  • Kubernetes networking in the telco space: 

  • NFV and DevOps Networking Needs in Kubernetes: A Unifying Vision

Use Cases & Misc.Track

  • Telecom Service providers PoCs leanings from ONAP Policy Engine with AI/ML predictive inputs
  • Experience sharing: the national experiment network for NFV testing in China Mobile

  • Early Insights from ONAP/OPNFV Cross-Community Collaboration PoC
  • CORD and ONAP Integration
  • Disaggregated HW Lightning - dNOS
  • Network Operating Systems (NOSs)
    • SONiC
    • Stratum: 
    • DANOS Mini Summit

Materials are posted at 

OpenDaylight Breakout

ONAP Breakout

Materials are posted at ONAP Project Specific Breakouts 

OPNFV Breakout

Materials are posted at OPNFV Breakout at LFN Developer Forum

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