Topic Leaders: Jason Hunt Abhijit Kumbhare Al Morton Catherine Lefevre Morgan Richomme Ranny Haiby


Our LFN Projects are always in need of more developers.  This session will explore ways to recruit more developers into LFN.  We'll begin with a review of the approaches that current LFN projects use today (mentoring, interns, "taxing", and student volunteers).  We'll then brainstorm ways to 1) promote the development needs of projects, 2) reward/acknowledge contributors (badging, reference letters, etc.), and 3) provide tooling that is easy for new developers to adopt.  Please attend with your ideas!




  • Hacktoberfest - Morgan Richomme
    • Awareness: Uses GitHub/GitLab with tags to identify "easy" tasks
    • Reward: T-shirt for 4 pull requests
    • challenge: CLA or other legal items may impact ease of implementation in LFN projects
    • many projects can participate, or LFN could do their own
  • General challenge for corporate developers - gaining corporate support for the developers to work on projects
  • Other challenge (particularly for students) - ease of tooling and size of project
  • ROS - Ranny Haiby
    • Began with a project Maintainer doing outreach
    • Uses mentors to onboard new developers
    • Awareness: promoted via LinkedIn post
  • ODL Lessons Abhijit Kumbhare
    • Most contributions come from corporate developers, so need to continue to encourage them to dedicated developers
  • OPNFV Al Morton
    • Have seen success in a student volunteer program (separate from internship program) that results in a certificate of completion.
    • Does require mentorship from project team(s)
    • Awareness: done via informal promotion in academic circles; topics should have some academic interest
    • quality doesn't suffer with modular work, but may take a bit longer.
    • no explicit criteria for letter - up to TSC and VSPERF team discretion
  • ONAP Catherine Lefevre
    • Some company led internship programs have assigned their interns to ONAP. This is in addition to the LFN mentorship program
    • Attempting a "tax" for Guilin release - companies that want to add a new use case must commit developers to some of the backlog for non-functional requirements
    • Demo contest and community awards
  • Overall 3 topics:
    • Recruiting "casual developer"
    • Building pipeline via academics, students, interns
    • Encouraging more corporate contributions
  • Badging Jason Hunt
    • LF Training using a badging program exist that can be leveraged
    • Kenny Paul working with the LF Training organization to understand capabilities

Action items

  • Jason Hunt to work with TAC to setup a working group to determine recommendations for developer recruitment and plan for implementation