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LF Staff: Brandon Wick  Jim Baker  Louis Illuzzi  Kenny Paul
Committee Members: Cecilia Corbi Javier Ger  Ken KANISHIMA Atul Purohit  Gerald Kunzmann  Fernando Oliveira Vincent Colas Ryan Hallahan Lei Huang  Saad Ullah Sheikh
Guests: Scott Blandford


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Release G priority discussion deck Atul Purohit

      • Step 1 : Create an XLS from requirements that we have received so far
      • Step 2 : Do a correlation activity between received requirements  and what has been proposed on release G pages in Confluence
      • Step 3 : We need to track the commitment for each requirements and mark in against the requirements in EUAG requirements priority xls
    • Is there EUAG BEYOND ONAP? Jim Baker
      • I've had community members asking me if the advisory group advises anything other than ONAP?
      • What does it take to move beyond ONAP? 
    • AOB


Release G priority discussion

  • White paper final copy produced - final review all comments due  noon PDT
  • Publishing plans
    • and websites
    • Links will be sent out once the white paper is posted - please cross-share the links to the white paper

LFN Virtual event week of  

July webinar

  • The LFN MAC coordinates a webinar series and EUAG is proposing a 1 hr. webinar of the whitepaper later in July


  • Ahmed El Sawaf has agreed to provide the bridge between CNTT and EUAG
  • More on this topic in the next meeting

VNF testing automation survey

Release G requirements

  • Lei Huang Javier Ger Please review and summarize which of the requirements made it into ONAP Guilin and which will be carried forward to a future release; Compare spreadsheet to ONAP Guilin requirement candidate list  (spreadsheet to Jira numbers)
  • Received requirements from: Swisscom/TIM/STC/Vodafone/Orange/China Mobile/NTT Labs/Bell Canada/AT&T/Telecom Argentina
  • Also need to prioritize the EUAG requirements AND represent the requirements in the ONAP TSC calls
  • Kenny Paul reminded the EUAG that the primary source of influence is allocation of resources
    • it was noted that the "what resources are you. contributing" column in the requirements summary got dropped from the spreadsheet for RelG

EUAG beyond ONAP

  • EUAG was formed when several of the projects had their own advisory group, ONAP did not have one
  • How can we grow the understanding of the projects and EUAG representation of each
  • Too much for any person to be familiar with all of the LFN Projects - Probably need to have subgroups
  • Proposal: round-robin project review- similar to TAC review, but geared to a different audience that may no know about a project.
    • How can EUAG help your community?
    • What feedback would be most valuable to your project?
  • Jim Baker  to help coordinate a set of project summaries from the project technical leads in the EUAG

Action items