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Cédric Ollivier
Karine Sevilla
Pankaj Goyal

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Elbrus Release

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Agenda and Minutes

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Antitrust Policy: https://r.lfnetworking.org/Antitrust%20Slide.pdf
  3. Review Open Issues and PRs
    1. Please watch Project dashboard for new items to review and approve.
    2. Based on decision of meeting on October 5th, close Issue #1454: "Provide a table for the possible network flows"
  4. AOB
    1. ONAP Security Requirements:
      1. Concentrate on the MUST requirements
      2. CNTT requirements need an Identity Management Section – RM (Walter Kozlowski )
      3. October 19th meeting review list of requirements that can be added and modified (Karine Sevilla )
    2. RA1 Elbrus will be a 3.x version rather than a v4.x: propose that RA1 Elbrus release be v3.1 (discuss in October 19, 2020).

PR #Summary of whatContent LinkAssignee(s)Review ReadyNotes/Status
20551.3 add pointer to the Common Terminology

1.3 Terminology

Karine S


2058Replace CPU SKU with CPU Type

2.3.2 Infrastructure Requirements req.inf.com.04

2060Correct captialistion of NUMA and vCPUChapter 4  multipleKostekYesMerged

Issues with no PRs -see RA1 Project Board:

Action Items (other than PRs and Issues)

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In

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