RA-1: Pike

2020 1Q Work Items Log

Task DescriptionSub TasksOwner Name (Org)Due DateStatusNotes (track Issue and PR #s)

Make all WSs consistent – RM, RA-1, RI-1 and RC-1

Identify Gaps and variances

Update RA-1 Ch01: Introduction contentOverview of the RA-1 Document

Develop after most Chapters greater than 60% complete
Update RA-1 Ch02: RequirementsAlign RM and RA-1 RequirementsPankaj Goyal (AT&T)

RM requirements updated in last few weeks of 2019; a document provided to RM WSLs with a request for clean-up (2020-01-27)

Update RA-1 Ch02 Security RequirementsPankaj Goyal (AT&T)February 7 28, 2020

First Review held of RM Security Requirements on 2020-02-07; Once the RM requirements are finalised and approved (merged) will be able to create the RA-1 Requirements

RM Security Requirements created PR#1118 19 Feb 2020.

Add Traceability Column to all Requirement TablesPankaj Goyal (AT&T)January 27, 2020

Issue #952 and PR#953 created January 22, 2020. Traceability column will be filled by WSLs or assigned contributors.

Traceability column filled for 2.3.1-2.3.5 (PR#1046)

Finalisze RA-1 Ch03: NFVI + VIM Architecture and Ch04: NFVI + VIM Component Level ArchitectureTopology: Cover DC/Edge and SLA drivenIan Gardner (Vodafone)

Review Networking Section and suggest ImprovementsSukhdev Kapur (Juniper)

CLOS networking fabric write-up belongs as part of the RM Generic (underlay) fabric model.

Ch04: Add Hardware acceleration


Create Traceability entries in RA-1 Ch02. If Gaps and variances assign for completion/remediation

Finalise RA-1 Ch05: APIs and InterfacesQualify APIs that are actually utilised

ask VNF Developers

Add explanation on micro-versionsKarine Sevilla (Orange)January 31, 2020
Done (merged)

Add Cyborg APIsPankaj Goyal (AT&T)

Done (merged)
Create content for RA-1 Ch06: SecurityDevelop content as per TOCKarine Sevilla (Orange)

RM Ch06 - Security Requirements created PR#1118

Yeeling Lam (AT&T) contributed RBAC content (Feb 29, 2020) – needs review.

Create Traceability entries in RA-1 Ch02. If Gaps and variances assign for completion/remediation Karine Sevilla (Orange)January 31, 2020

Create updated ToC and Content for RA-1 Ch07: Operations and Life Cycle ManagementDevelop content including Logging and MonitoringKarine Sevilla (Orange)

To be discussed in LA

Moved 4.6 LMA to Ch07 and added content (Pankaj) – needs review.

Create Traceability entries in RA-1 Ch02. If Gaps and variances assign for completion/remediation 

Update RA-1 Ch08: Gaps, Innovation, and DevelopmentAdopt Open Source (Tungsten Fabric) SDN APIs, map back to Requirements and push for adoption by OSTK as a Neutron extensionSukhdev Kapur (Juniper)

Discovery: review ONAP A&AI

Support for specific use cases: packet acceleration (DPDK, SR-IOV, …)

Capture Prague Etherpad ItemsSukhdev Kapur (Juniper)

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