-> If macro flow + VID can be used for GR-API and this use case?
     -> VID is not capable of handling Macro GR-API CDS flows today

-> What is the close loop plan related to vFW CNF use case?
     -> The plan is to make vFW CNF capable of the same what vFWCL

-> If scaling is considered?
     -> we need to have SO support for CNF and proper model in AAI firstly what would be addressed by REQ-341. Scaling is not a plan for Guilin

-> Can any other cluster than KUD be integrated?
     -> We can register and we can use any cluster but vFW CNF use case requires KUD as vFW CNF is a combination of VMs and containers instantiated with helm

-> Role of profile for Day2 configuration
     -> profile is related to Day0/Day1 configuration. It can be used for the enrichment of Helm package i.e. by adding extra k8s resources like showcased extra ssh service not present in helm package distributed from SDC. For Day2 existing capabilities of CDS can by utilized like SSH, Ansible or Netconf or Configuration API exposed by k8splugin can be utilized

-> What we mean by removal of dummy heat associated with helm
     -> today we lie to SO and we orchestrate VNF, in fact, bypassing SO for helms

-> REQ-341 is a very good improvement

-> Would be nice to have automation of the vFW CNF use case so it is good it is in the roadmap