Event Report

The event report is available here!


The Virtual LFN Developer & Testing Forum will take place June 22-25, 2020. While we can't convene in the same physical location at this time, we will use a combination of online tools to create a productive and interactive virtual meeting environment. As the principal technical event for the LF Networking projects, this bi-annual gathering provides the opportunity for each participating community to advance their project roadmaps and explore cross-community collaboration and integration points.


Registration for the event is required for all attendees: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/lfn-dev-test-forum/

Registration helps the LFN staff better to anticipate attendance, allocate resources, and measure community engagement. Thank you for taking this important step.

View the Topic Proposals here: https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/x/2QwQAg

View the Schedule here: https://teamup.com/ksgw6qzqcmg9zbzsfq?date=2020-06-22&view=md4

Meeting Minutes: D&TF Planning Committee

We encourage attendees to download and use this LFN Zoom Background Image during the event.

Details for Presenters

  • We request that you be on your assigned bridge 5 mins prior if possible and sharing your session's cover slide
  • We encourage you to use the following virtual background if your systems supports it: LFN Zoom Background Image
  • Join before host is disabled for most bridges. This means that no one can connect to these sessions until they are started by the host account.  The exceptions to this are "hallway" and "office hours".
  • Auto-record to the cloud is set by default. If there is not a bridge change between sessions, please ensure that you end the recording and then start a new one.
  • Please upload your presentation materials to your session on the 2020 June Virtual LFN Developer & Testing Forum Topic Proposals page.
  • Each session should identify a scribe to take minutes for your session and add them to your community's prefered location
    (if you have questions regarding that, please contact your community assistant) 
  • You or your scribe should add a brief post-session summary to the 2020 June Virtual Developer & Testing Forum Daily Summaries page
  • Completely optional at this late point, but here is a slide template if you want to use it.   LFN_June_vDTF_template.pptx


  • We want to consolidate recordings in one location to ensure that we don’t lose any of them.  It takes some time to render the recordings, usually 10-15 mins for a 1 hour recording. So you will need to go back later to get the recordings.  (LFN Staff will handle the uploads of  sessions that take place on the plenary bridge)
  • To upload:
  • Use the previously distributed Zoom account info to login as the account assigned to your session
  • Once logged in, click on the “recordings” link in the left hand navigation menu
  • Find the session with the start time column entry that matches the day and timestamp for your session
  • Verify that the recording is indeed for your session :-)
  • Download the recording to your computer
  • Rename the file to match your session.
  • Upload it to the Recordings page on the LFN wiki: https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/x/QwBoAg
  • delete the recording from the Zoom account after it has been uploaded to the wiki.


Community Program Committee Leads and Event Help:

LFN Staff Support: lfn-events@lfnetworking.org ← best option for general questions and assistance as the most eyes will be on this.

Event PMs: Casey Cain , Kenny Paul , LJ Illuzzi