Attendees Kenny Paul David McBride Heather Kirksey LJ Illuzzi Jessica Wagantall

@andrea visnyei, Andreas Geissler , Christophe Closset ,  Ciaran Johnston , Damian Nowak , Dan Timoney ,  "deepak", fabian rouzaut , @jaroslaw brzezinski, Kamel Idir , Ken KANISHIMA , Liam Fallon ,  Marc Price ,  Gervais-Martial Ngueko , Michael Morris , @minh phan, Morgan Richomme , @pawel solwikowski, Raghavan Subramanian , Rajendra Prasad Mishra , @sebastien determe, Sofia Wallin , Sowmya Narayanasetty , Sylvain Desbureaux , Takamune Cho , Thomas Kulik , Timo Perala , Vasyl Razinkov , @veronica quintuna,  Vijay Venkatesh Kumar , Xin Miao



  • Heather Kirksey remember "blame free" - how would we do it differently next time.  This is not "incident triage" (smile)
  • Schedule changes
    • David McBride will have a more defined schedule change tracking next time that will include reason for slips.
    • Heather Kirksey a 35 day slip isn't a big deal, concerned about 7 slips to get there - impacted multiple press and industry publications, requiring staff to actually postpose vacations 
  • E2E testing
    • Morgan Richomme usecases that are using existing existing functionality. Can't proceed with testing until usecase dockers  with new functionality are made available.
      • Usecase owners may not have the full view at the start of the process. 
      • Real bugfixes for new usecases didn't really occur until May 14
      • Damian Nowak not getting containers in a timely fashion was a challenge. propose release at every milestone, whether feature is ready or not.
      • need to move to a more true CI/CD model 
    • a more streamlines self release process would be better.
      • branch tag should trigger processes
      • Jessica Wagantall notes that self-release is tooled across all the LF, so changes need to be looked at holistically
  • Jira assignments
    • excluded non-participating projects, OSJI, Archcom, etc.
    • @ M4 still have more than 500 open bugs
    • Sylvain Desbureaux difficult to scrub many bugs that were from previous releases.
  • Recommendations
    • limit new usecase requirements per release
    • set max t-shirt level based upon resource availability
    • reject poorly documented proposals
    • prioritize jiras assigned to a release
    • at RC0 usecase teams should report out what tests have been run and the total number of tests run and the number of pending tests 
  • El Alto process improvement processes
    • many tests moved to gating process
    • robot healthchecks have been improved
    • more projects added to the CI pipeline