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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Agenda Bashing
  • RI Labs - access, status
  • RC Re-Org 
  • RC (aka RM Ch 8) Issues & PRs
  • AOB


  • The 10/16 meeting was reserved for a formal RI kickoff.
  • Refer to RI meeting minutes for complete list of discussion topics covered on 10/16: CNTT - RI - 01
  • For RC, status is as follows:
    • RI Labs have been secured: Intel Labs POD10 (PoC) and End-State POD15
    • AirShip installations are starting this week.  Target is to complete the installs by end of this week.  Sridhar from Spirent is leading the installations.
    • Access has been processed, and Mike Fix was able to successfully connect to both Labs
    • Cedric from Orange requested access today (10/16).  Cedric did confirm there are existing test suites available to run post-AirShip deployment to verify installation and deployment.
    • Next Steps: See below for details.  BLUF, 1) Complete AirShip deployment, 2) Tune manifest if needed, 3) Align RC WS team on deliverables, 4) continue on WS issues



  • 10/16 Meeting:  Yielded time to RI Kickoff discussions.  See above NOTES for links to RC minutes, and next steps.
  • 10/9 Meeting
    • Owner: All → Review/respond to GitHub issues by  
    • Owner: Impacted Individuals (Test, Installer, Support) - needing access to POD15, request/receive access by    
    • Owner: Mike - confirm with Cedric O. (Orange) if he will be the "lead" to centralize Implementation & Adoption of Test Hardness/Framework efforts on/by  
    • Owner: Rajesh - confirm with Sridhar (Spirent) if he will be the "lead" to centralize s/w deployments on/by 

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