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LF Staff: Kenny Paul Casey Cain Trishan de Lanerolle Jim Baker
Committee Members: Bin Hu Jason Hunt Ranny Haiby  VM Brasseur Olaf Renner Wenjing Chu Frank Brockners Davide Cherubini Brian Freeman Abhijit Kumbhare Marc Fiedler Ed Warnicke Morgan Richomme @danny lin 
Proxies: Christian Olrog (for Anders Rosengren, Ericsson) Chaker Al-Hakim (proxy for Catherine Lefevre ONAP), Manuel Buil (proxy for Rossella Sblendido SUSE) Trevor Cooper (for Timothy Verrall Intel)
Guests: Joseph Gasparakis (Tungsten Fabric)



Committer Rep to the Board:

  • FB: The options on who would be eligible and who could vote were discussed and presented so that each option could be voted on.
    • A discussion was had about what defines an "active" committer.
    • The definition of  "committer" is well defined in all charters as "Committers are Contributors who have earned the ability to modify (“commit”)
      source code, documentation or other technical artifacts in a project’s repository"
      • "The primary distinguishing characteristic of Committers is a demonstrated history of
        performing code reviews in the project code review system. References to quantity
        and/or quality of code reviews (of other Contributors’ code, not the Committer’s own
        code) should be given predominant weight when voting on the addition or removal of
        a Committer"
    • Zoom vote:
      • Initial consensus poll drives the vote on the election method - All committers every cycle received the most votes in the poll
      • Shall the TAC adopt the policy for electing a Committer Representative to the Board that All committers are Eligible and they will cycle every year?
    • Discussion of details will be on the next meeting agenda

TAC meeting at ONS - Weds evening

  • Planned attendees: Jason, Abhijit, Brian, Olaf, Vicky, Wenjing, Chaker, Manuel, Marc, Morgan, Davide, Christian 

GB presentation materials review Jason Hunt

  • Wording change on title to add "Additional" to Future TAC duties

ONAP Lifecycle Process Chaker Al-Hakim

  • There are gaps in the existing process - reviewing with the TAC for feedback / recommendations for input
  • Looking for guidance - ultimately an ONAP TSC decision
  • Discussion here may also be relevant to other LFN Projects
  • Chaker to share the presentation and solicit email feedback

Action items

  • Chaker Al-Hakim upload slides that were reviewed to the meeting minutes