LF Staff: Kenny Paul Casey Cain Trishan de Lanerolle Jim Baker
Committee Members: Bin Hu Jason Hunt Ranny Haiby  VM Brasseur Olaf Renner Wenjing Chu Frank Brockners Davide Cherubini Brian Freeman Abhijit Kumbhare Marc Fiedler Ed Warnicke Morgan Richomme @danny lin 
Proxies: Christian Olrog (for Anders Rosengren, Ericsson) Chaker Al-Hakim (proxy for Catherine Lefevre ONAP), Manuel Buil (proxy for Rossella Sblendido SUSE) Trevor Cooper (for Timothy Verrall Intel)
Guests: Joseph Gasparakis (Tungsten Fabric)



Committer Rep to the Board:

TAC meeting at ONS - Weds evening

GB presentation materials review Jason Hunt

ONAP Lifecycle Process Chaker Al-Hakim

Action items