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LF Staff: Casey Cain Kenny Paul Jim Baker Trishan de Lanerolle Trevor Bramwell
Committee Members: Marc Fiedler Ranny Haiby Tina Tsou Frank Brockners Joseph Gasparakis Olaf Renner Bin Hu Davide Cherubini Timothy Verrall Morgan Richomme Abhijit Kumbhare tom nadeau Wenjing Chu
Proxies: Christophe Closset (for Brian Freeman ), Chaker Al-Hakim (proxy for Catherine Lefevre )
Guests: Ed Warnicke Chaker Al-Hakim


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Committer Representative to the Board
    • TAC Meeting Scheduling (Calendar)
    • LF IT Modernization around Process and Tooling
    • CNTT Readout
    • TAC Advisory Office


Migration to Calendar will be happening on  

LFN Committer Rep

  • LFN Governing Board Member Committers Representative (LGBMCR)
  • Need to clearly define activity.  This can be different from project to project based on their size.  We don't want to exclude smaller projects.
  • The idea is that if you can vote for your Project TSC, you would also be able to vote for the CAL election to the board.
  • The term would be limited to a year.
  • The TAC will review and comment on the provided document and discuss further on the next meeting.

LF IT Modernization around Process and Tooling

  • Volunteers sought on the Infra WG - get on the mailing list
  • Doodle poll sent to set a time for the meetings - est. 1.5 month to address open issues in IT modernization plan
    • After immediate issues resolved - will move to a quarterly cadence

CNTT Readout

  • Agenda for Antwerp f2f is still being developed. This is an open session - find out more!
  • Reference Model/Architecture Version 2 are under discussion.
  • OPNFV is to create and curate a set of reference implementation - spanning specific workload types and virtualization/container technologies
  • OPNFV has a project proposal for a pilot vehicle for CNTT - called: CNTT-RI.  

TAC advisory office Ranny Haiby

  • Need input from the various projects
  • Some security related work in ONAP might be relevant
  • Seeking other candidate pan-LFN project interests

Action items

  • Casey Cainto migrate the TAC meeting to on  
  • Casey Cain to send Doodle poll for InfraWG meeting on  
  • Ranny Haiby to send email to the TAC mailing list to seek input from the projects on topics the Advisory Office should address