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Linux Foundation
Brandon WickAarna Networks
Parthiban NalliamudaliWavelabs
Patric LindRadtonics
Satish VermaSpirent
Aarna Networks
Ranny HaibyThe Linux Foundation
Ganesh VenkatramanKaloom
Ike AlissonALICON SE



  • Antitrust
  • Start Recording- helps facilitate minutes and Action Items
  • Meeting Purpose
  • 5G Cloud Native Network Documentation review
  • Update on Magma
  • GenXcomm ORAN Overview


LF Anti-trust

  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.

Meeting Purpose

The Off-Week Working Group Meeting is intended to be a deep dive working session on particular work stream item(s) within the 5G Super Blueprint. While any subject(s) related to the 5G Super Blueprint may be discussed, this meeting is not intended to be an overall status update of the 5G Super Blueprint. The overall status of the 5G Super Blueprint is discussed on the alternate Tuesday meeting.

5G Cloud Native Network Documentation Review

Reminder to review and comment on the 5G Cloud Native Network Demo documentation, particularly Sections 6, 7, 8 (Issues Encountered, Workarounds, Mitigations). The document review period will end on Friday 05/27.

Link to document access:

A.I. Proposal to update the intro section is provide background/intensions/purpose of document. Add links to video, etc. What Cloud Native principals are covered and what were not.

Update on Magma

Magma TSC is looking at a dual core approach, with the 2nd core being either Free5GC or OAI. Recommendations have been put forth that 5G SBP should wait on a core decision before moving forward.

  • Ranny Haiby How will 2nd core benefit evolving Magma and how will the 2nd core interact with existing Magma? Ranny will investigate

GenXcomm ORAN Overview

Future Agenda Items:

  • "5G" presentation by Ike Alisson including some of the 3GPP "5G Advanced" Release foreseen Capabilities (e. g. on Slicing, PNI-NPNs/SNPNs (aka "5G Private Networks"), AEF - API Exposure Function support for Application/services Exposure Frameworks).

-------------- Parking Lot ---------------

Lab Resources and Utilization

Reference Architecture from 5G Cloud Native Network Demo

  • Need lab architecture diagram - review 1st draft on 05/10:
  • UNH- Faraday cage in place.
    • Understand changes in Kaloom and impacts on UNH
  • Kaloom (Montreal) - Kaloom previously ran the UPF and fabric). Faraday cage in place
    • Missing radio parts- SW for RAN. If GenXcomm has this, then much easier to deploy
    • GenXcomm/Kaloom- start software install. Hardik sent HW BOM sent, GenXcomm moving lab
      • Space available. Install once move is completed. No ETA on move completion. Ganesh to advise.
    • Need to look at SDWAN between UNH and Kaloom. Possible IP addressing will change.
    • Lab access - email Ganesh
    • 3rd party UPF not compatible with Magma - Hardik and Ganesh to discuss and provide readout
  • Wavelabs (India)-
    • Can host Magma and RAN
  • Potential for Rancher implemenation, in additon to Red Hat (Haseem Ahmed)

Magma/ONAP integration –

  • ONAP/Magma 1.6 working!
    • ONAP Istanbul with Magma orchestrator and AGW
    • Details steps on docuementation available. Create Phase 1A (1.6)
    • Any other Artifact/colateral can be provided for this integration?
  • ONAP/Magma 1.7
    • 5G is enabled in 1.7
    • Yogen -
      • There are helm charts for 1.7. Will check quality of charts
      • AGW is containerized in 1.7 (alpha).
    • Test with Rebaca ABot. Louis/Amar/Brandon will frame request to Rebaca (Samir). Wavelabs working with Rebaca and testing Magma with ABot. 


  • GenXcomm ORAN- Hardik provide detail on 05/10 call. Include ORAN Alliance R2 enhancements. Ben can help on the next call


Agenda items for May 24 off-week meeting

  • ORAN SMO options
  • Potential for Unshared slicing (Intel)- core is not aware of slicing. Slicing is achieved through multiple CNFs. Srini/Bob from Intel can help.
  • 3GPP use cases
  • Test with Rebaca ABot. Louis/Amar/Brandon will frame request to Rebaca (Samir). Wavelabs working with Rebaca and testing Magma 1.7 with ABot. Parthiban to provide youtube links
  • 5G SBP Use Case Advisory Group- setup call within that group in May.




  • ONAP/Magma Integration #1
    •  - CBA and Helm repos. Louis/Yogen need to unstick check-in issue.
    •  - Ran out of time for update
    •  Yogendra: Working on a Helm chart issue by splitting them up. Access gateway. Small infra changes. We'll them be taking up the Magma orchestrator. Is there any specific help from Magma needed (Suresh)? Yes, that would be a great help (orchestrator charts). Suresh and Yogendra to synch offline. Helm chart fixes will require namespace changes (the ideal path). There is also a workaround to force all namespaces to be the same. The community agrees this is not the ideal long-term solution. It was requested that the Magma community, led by Suresh (Wavelabs) work with Yogen to package the Helm charts with namespace corrections as the long-term solution. Suresh to consult with Magma community if this will lead to any conflicts with Magma namespace as it exists today.
    •   - Update from Aarna: The action item is to try workaround in Helm charts on ONAP Istanbul release. We have been facing challenges with ONAP (I release) deployment. On one ONAP deployment on the UNH server where we managed to deploy, the ONAP portal is extremely slow, and takes few minutes to respond. We are trying to install on another server but were unable to allocate new servers due to issues with UNH LaaS setup. These are finally resolved, and we are able to allocate a new server on which we will restart ONAP deployment, and then the workaround to deploy Magma with modified Helm charts. 
  • ONAP/Magma Topic: #2
    •  Kader - have servers and simulators. Waiting on 5G radio.
    •  - Ran out of time for update
    •  Wavelabs + Rebaca making good progress (in Wavelabs lab) on integration. Before Magma 1.7 come out, we'd like to replicate this in the community labs (by cloning). If using Wavelabs for community use, need to address some issues (e.g. jumphost set up as a trusted host). Can a jumphost be set up at Kaloom and/or UNH? Hanen/Suresh/Amar looking into it. Option may be to connect the labs. Reference- UNH lab is used for 5G resources (Amar).
  • ONAP/ORAN -SMO Framework workstream
    • Martin- weekly meeting in place on SMO Framework packages. What ONAP group is involved?
      • The team is on the way to turn the "ONAP based SMO package" including O-RAN-SC artifacts like 'Non-RT-RIC into a broader package, which includes CNFs like Near-RT-RIC and 5G Core(?)
      • Current feature set available:
        • SMO-Package
          • from ONAP: O1-Controller (SDN-R), VES-Collector, Message-Router (DMaaP), A1-Controller, Policy
          • from O-RAN-SC: Non-RT-RIC, hello-world rApp, Topology-service
        • simulated RAN-Package (O-DUs, O-RUs)
        • automated end-to-end O1 (and OFHM) closed loop tests
        • Documentation
        • Please see demo recording (start a 10min)
      • on the roadmap
        • add Near-RT-RICs
        • add 5G Core(s)
        • deployment of xApps
        • develop and add more automated end-to-end test cases
        • add traffic analytics tool (e.g. Wireshark)
    • Tracy- proposal to show SMO Framework demo to show capabilities
  • ORAN/Anuket workstream
  • 5G RAN:
    •  What workstreams can begin now that GenXcomm is onboard?
    •  Need to check in with GennXcom and determine RAN side of 5G SBP (CU/DU). Catherine suggestion: Bring this to the ORAN-SC community (Tracy + Martin). LF Staff to make connection. 

Action Items (open)

  • Tracy Van Brakle  extend invitation to other operator members of ORAN (i.e. Verizon)
  • Heather Kirksey Reach out to outreach committee on Magma Slack #magma-outreach-committee to discuss joint marketing opportunities
  • Kader Khan Suresh Krishnan Create requirements document capturing ONAP requirtements for Magma (as discussed on 03/08)
  • Tracy Van Brakle Any link to Multi-Operator RAN from Dec 2021? Referenced on a previous call.
  • Alex Stancu Help with ORAN implementation
  • Martin Skorupskican add detail and next steps for SMO Framework

Action Items (completed)

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