1. Introduction 
    1. State the target audience and technical pre-requisites
    2. Industry trends, open source in networking, etc.
    3. Reasoning for the need for LFN
    4. Goals of LFN
  2. LFN landscape
    1. Definition of the various layers and domains and mapping of projects to domains
    2. External landscape - other open source projects, SDOs
  3. Brief project overview
    1. For each <project> in <LFN> describe (goals, technologies, key features, etc.)

    2. 1-2 pages per project. Include reference to project wiki for further reading.
  4. E2E use cases and integration points
    1. How do all (or some of) the projects work together to provide an E2E solution to a use case.
    2. Inter dependencies
    3. Integration points
    4. Functional flows
  5. Conclusion, call for action, and further reading
  6. Glossary
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  1. Hello All, happy to participate in this for CNTT and OPNFV (number 3 above).

    1. Hi Rabi.

      Thanks for you help (and it was nice chatting with you in Prague two weeks ago).

      Please feel free to upload any appropriate material to the "OPNFV and CNTT" section in chapter 3. You can start with a very rough draft, and the rest of the workgroup can help you polish it.

      Also there are mentions of OPNFV in chapter 5 that may need some improvements.

      1. Thank you Ranny, will certainly do.

  2. Hello everyone,

    just letting you know, I've now started on Section 1 Introduction and am aiming to have an initial draft by 21 Feb.  I will blend in the exisiting material.