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APIApplication Programmable Interface
BSSBusiness Support System
CI/CDContinuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
CNFCloud-native Network Function
CPControl plane
CSPCommunications Service Provider
CTCommunication Technology
DPData Plane
ITInformation Technology
LCMLife Cycle Management
LFNthe Linux Foundation Networking umbrella project
NETCONFNetwork Configuration Protocol
NFNetwork Function
NFVi (or NFVI)Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure
O&MOperations and Maintenance
OSSOperations Support System
SDNSoftware Defined Networking
SDOStandards Definition Organization
SDOStandards Definition Organization
TOSCATopology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (OASIS standard)
VIMVirtual Infrastructure Manager
VMVirtual Machine
VNFVirtual Network Function
YANGYet Another Next generation (NETCONF modeling language)

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