The use cases and integrations described in this white paper are just a few of many possible synergies. LFN projects may be integrated with one another in many other ways. They may also become part of a larger solution, involving other open source projects and commercial products. The set of projects under the LFN should not be considered a monolithic bunch. Any network designer may pick just one, several, or all the projects when designing their network. The use of well defined interfaces makes it easier to integrate the projects with any other systems.

The LFN community is eager to learn about new use cases that might stem from reading this document. We encourage readers who come up with ideas for such use cases to share them with the community using the LFN Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) mailing list at:

For further reading, please refer to the official documentation of the individual projects: Project Documents VPP

Vector Packet Processor CSIT

CSIT Project

CSIT Reports

Open Daylight

Open Switch





Tungsten Fabric

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