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Eric TiceWipro
Jason NieszWalmart
Atul PrajapatiWalmart
Dhivya RWalmart
Charles LiuWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Self Management- Update from LF:
    • It sounds like the team wants to move off of Wordpress and onto GitHub or Netlify?  You can certainly do that -- we don't have any restrictions on where/how projects host their websites. However, the LF web team would not be able to support the website during/after the move since we only support Wordpress and Hubspot. 

      FYI - EBPF is actually moving to an LF-hosted Wordpress

Notes for 07.06.2022:

  • management
    • eBPF is moving to an LF-hosted Wordpress managed site.
    • What is the process by which we the community would submit updates?
    • What is the LF recommendation?
      • On an LF managed site we open a ticket with the creative services group.
      • No preview. Just submit the change and it goes public.
    • Need someone with GitHub or Netlify experience to maintain this.
      • Jason: We don't have the cycles to take it on.
    • Let's keep the site maintenance with LF now.
      • LF networking budget pays for this
    • Still worth asking around about Netlify.
    • LFX team might be able to help with hosting.
  • Welcome Charles Liu!
    • Welcome to L3AF!
    • Working on Data Plane and L3AFd
  • Governing board election: LBGMCR
    • Nominations are in progress.
    • How frequent are the meetings?
      • Once per quarter. Ninety-minute meetings.
      • Moving back to an on-site model.
        • Can still attend remotely if needed.
  • OneSummit
    • CFPs extended to July 15th
    • Can L3AF get on this agenda?
      • There are a lot of people interested.
  • DTF - Novemeber
    • Cross-community. L3af would have a lot of interest.
  • Storage strategy
    • Are we still parking this?
    • Would the blob alone allow us to move forward or will we need AKS as well?
      • We don't have external artifacts to upload right now so maybe not.
    • We should leave this parked for a while and then swing back to have another look later.
  • Release plan:
    • Jill Lovato. Media for release
    • What kind of release plan do we have?
      • It's in L3AF-arch
    • Time frame?
      • RBAC is the P0. Timeframe: 
      • Next TSC for PoC
      • Estimate: 1 Month
        • Need release notes, code, documentation
      • Lj to talk with Jill about media.
      • OneSummit.
    • FYI: Going back to ~4 major events per year
    • eBPF for Windows - still in progress
    • XDP root for Windows - compiles, not tested.
    • Start thinking about:
      •  Roadmap
        • Release, eBPF for Windows, etc.
        • Roadmap from LFN Induction:

  • Naming convention for our release
    • Use SemVer for versioning
    • We can also have a "snazzy" naming convention such as an animal or a city.
  • Github has an eBPF repo
    • Can we use this?
  • PR Review
    • Order for PRs to be merged?
      • Reposupport (#69)
        • Added some tests, Dave Thaler- approved
        • Ready for merge
    • Implement map name (#78)
      • path for TC, but no path for XDP maps
        • Why the difference?
        • Shouldn't they all be in the default path, or all have a relative path?
          • Why should there be a configuration for TC that is impossible to use for XDP
        • Make both use an absolute path
      • Possibility:
        • What if you only have the bpf default path and have the map name be relative?
        • Works for any type.
        • Works on Windows as well.
  • Order of PRs: Reposupport, Map names then APIs

---- Notes from 06/29- Meeting was lightly attended. Some 07/06 agenda items are repeats from 06/29 ------

  • LFN governing board
    • Voting underway for nominations and self-nominations - finished July 6th
  • One Summit - Premier LFN event
    • In-person
  • DTN
    • Other presentations that we should be linking to?
      • Last one was eBPF day in May
    • From should we have a link to the talk?
    • Documents and collateral 
      • Need to add links to the newest collateral.
  • Self-managing the page is something that we can do
    • More on this in future meetings
  • Storage Strategy
    • Cover this next week when we have a larger audience.

Action Items

  • 1Password- setup Daniel for meeting control - LJ/Daniel
  • self management. Need someone in the community with knowledge on how to use & manage the tools to lead
  • LJ to ask IT if they can setup GitHub and/or Netlify
  • LJ to ask if LFX has plans for web hosting tool(s)

Future Agenda Items