The LFN More information on the LFN Governing Board Member Committers Representative can be found here.

Eligible candidates:

  • Candidates must be active committers to at least one LFN project. 
  • Candidates can self-nominate, or be nominated by other community members. In the latter case, candidates must accept the nomination before the election is conducted.
  • Candidates must be an active committer to an LFN project which differs from the LFN project that the currently servicing LGBMCR is an active committer of.
  • There is a single (1) LGBMCR seat on the Governing Board.
  • The 2021 LGBMCR was from the ONAP community.

All Self-Nominations will take place from  to   at 5pm PT.

Voting will take place via OpaVote at the conclusion of the self-nomination period and will last 2 weeks.

Please copy and complete the template below to self-nominate for the LFN Governing Board Committer Representative. 

Name: <>


Representative Group: <ODL/ONAP/Anuket/etc>

Short Biography: <>

Statement of Intent: <>

Name: Guillaume Lambert


Representative Group:  OpenDaylight

Short Biography:

Guillaume Lambert is a Telecommunication Engineer and has been working for Orange since 2003.
He has been interested in Open Source and Free Software since he was graduating at ENST Bretagne and he took part to its Linux User Groups and to the "Groupe de Réflexion et d'Animation Autour du Libre" .
During his carreer at Orange, he was involved in various in-house software developments and deployments, for example on Single-Sign-On platforms based on Liberty Alliance specifications or on IP Networks Monitoring systems relying on Netflow/IPFIX.
Guillaume joined Orange Labs transmission department in 2015 and the OpenDaylight Community in 2016. Since then, he has been actively promoting and contributing to it.

He is currently the OpenDaylight TSC chairman and the documentation PTL, and a committer of transportpce and releng/builder projects .
He has been the PTL of the ODL/transportPCE project until 2021 and is occasionally contributing to others projects such as ODL/BGPCEP or ONAP/OOM or LFN/releng.

Statement of Intent:

Last two years transformed a lot not only our organizations but also the way we work and meet at the LFN.
In the coming years, we will likely have again to reinvent many things and to adapt to this changing ecosystem.
In this context, I think that the voice of committers but also of all LFN contributors matters.
I believe that doers experiences and merits matter. They are also an important  asset to face this new challenge.
If I am elected, I commit myself to representing and promoting them at the Governing Board.

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