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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
LJ IlluzziLinux Foundation
Atul PrajapatiWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • LFN governing board
    • Voting underway for nominations and self-nominations - finished July 6th
  • One Summit - Premier LFN event
    • In-person
  • DTN
    • Other presentations that we should be linking to?
      • Last one was eBPF day in May
    • From should we have a link to the talk?
    • Documents and collateral 
      • Need to add links to the newest collateral.
  • Self-managing the page is something that we can do
    • More on this in future meetings
  • Storage Strategy
    • Cover this next week when we have a larger audience.

Action Items

  • 1Password with Daniel for meeting control - LJ/Daniel
  • self management - LJ/Dave

Future Agenda Items