Bob Monkman(Intel)

Anshul Sharma(Calsoft)

Timo Perala (Nokia)

Sharad Mishra (Intel)

Igor DC (Intel)

Ranny Haiby (Samsung)

Sriram Rupanagunta(Aarna)

Victor Morales (Samsung)

LJ Illuzzi(LFN)

Oleg Berzin (Equinix)

cathy zhang(Intel)

Ritu Sood(Intel)

Avi Chapnick(Amdocs)

Eric Multanen(Intel)

Srinivasa Addepalli(Intel)

Nadathur Sundar(Intel)


1) Opens?

2) Discuss establishing a technical Architecture and New feature regular call- read out to TSC each week. 

3) Review Nominations, TSC Chair, TAC Rep, MAC rep - Set a date for a vote. 

3) Discuss January virtual Developer Testing Forum  and EMCO workstream. The input proposals for sessions, by project is open for input. 2022 LFN Developer Event Topics January

4) DCO process? Making contributors aware of DCO and what they are signing off by when contributing a patch.

Future Agenda items: 

21.12 release Overview for the group. Walk thru...

Roadmap release features proposals published in the Wiki- review at future meeting. 

DCO process - follow-up

Sandip from Aarna Networks to provide 21.12 release update


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