Bob Monkman(Intel)

Ravi Chunduru (Verizon)

Ranny Haiby (Samsung)

Igor DC (Intel)

Srinivasa Addepalli(Intel)

LJ Illuzzi (LFN)

cathy zhang(Intel)

Amar Kapadia(Aarna)

Sandeep Sharma(Aarna)

Oleg Berzin (Equinix)

Ritu Sood(Intel)

Neil Hoff

Eric Swankoski (Sempere)

Sai Seshu

Meeting Recording

Chat File


1) Opens?

2) Oleg from Equinix will overview his PCEI Use Case from Akraino, which leverages ECMO

3) Review Nominations, TSC Chair, TAC Rep, MAC rep

4) Update on planning to attend ONAP CNF Working group call to coordinate EMCO - link below is from the meeting minutes on previous conversation there.,2021at1pmUTC.3

3) Discuss January virtual Developer Testing Forum  and EMCO workstream. The input proposals for sessions, by project is open for input. 2022 LFN Developer Event Topics January

4) Update from Seshu on his concept drawings for EMCO logo - Completed- community concepts (3) have been submitted. Next Step- review updates from LF Creative Team once ready. No ETA at this time.

Future Agenda items: 

Roadmap release features proposals published in the Wiki- review at future meeting. 


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