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Proposed steps for TSC membership update:

  • Discuss the proposed policy below in the TSC meeting – won’t be conclusive without a quorum.
  • Send out a message in the TSC mailing list with the following message. No names shall be named in this message.
  • Send private messages to the absent representatives, with the same message.

The EMCO TSC page lists 11 members as of today. Thanks to all of you who have been participating regularly. We notice that some members have not participated in a while. We did our best to adjust the meeting time to suit as many as possible, but we understand it is not always possible to make it to this specific meeting slot. We have floated some ideas for participation outside of the TSC meeting but there have been no responses thus far.

In order to gauge the true status of the project, it is proposed that TSC members who have not participated in any form for 3  months be sent a message asking if they wish to continue membership in the TSC. If they decline or do not respond in 2 weeks, their names shall be taken off the TSC membership roster. Please note that “participation in any form” includes offline participation, such as participation in other EMCO community meetings, substantive emails regarding requirements/PoCs/insights/feedback, or updating EMCO wiki pages with such substantive content.


Future Agenda items: 

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