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Bob Monkman


Nadathur SundarIntel
Timo Perala Nokia

LFN Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • LFN 2023 Budget Submission for EMCO
  • LFX Security
  • Incubation Review
  • 2209 Release Update
  • Readout from Relocation WG or Friday Architecture Meetings
  • Cloud SASE Use case


LFN 2023 Budget submission for EMCO:

AR:  LJ Illuzzi to look into the LFX Security Scan status

LFX Community Forum:

Understand and improve your project’s security posture

AR: LJ Illuzzi is going to check into whether there is a defined amount.  Same as below?

Louis provide the link to the process to migrate to INcubation and this is linked in the Future Agenda items for next meeting when we will go over that.: 

AR: LJ Illuzzi  to plan to go over the Incubation process next meeting:  LFN Project Lifecycle (Updated)

AR: Srinivasa Addepalli will work with Ritu offline to flesh out the description of the Cloud SASE Use case for review at a future meeting. 

Future Agenda items: 


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