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Seshu Kumar gave us a brief overview of an ONAP-EMCO integration he has been working on behind the scenes since the March mini Summit. We will cover in more detail in a future meeting and he will meet offline with Srini to provide more details. This is great news and a session will be proposed for the General Topics at the DTF in Porto, June. 

We went over the the latest iteration of the EMCO functional architecture diagram to be used in presentations, blogs, website etc. Several further changes were requested and a final version was agreed upon a couple of days after the May 17 meeting. Aarna will include this in their blog draft and Louis has opened a ticket for LF Creative Services to take a look at professional rendering in Adobe. 

We had a robust discussion regarding the new LF Nephio project which is focused on CNF onboarding , with Service Orchestration out of scope. Numerous ideas for how EMCO can add value and play a role in Nephio were diuscussed, but we ran out of time and agreed the discussion can continue on the TSC mail list and in future meetings. 

We had some further discussions about the 5G SBP Requirements and Use Case Advisory Group and Seshu and Sundar (Intel) added their names to the table of interested stakeholders. We now have 5 emco stakeholders in the Group and the first meeting was held Monday May 23rd. 

A brief reminder to propose any further EMCO sessions for the JUne DTF was given. 

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