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30m, Amar Kapadia 

Birds of Feather Session: Can adding Nephio to the project increase its value?

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Does it make sense to add Nephio to the 5G Superblueprint? Will it add any value? The Nephio community is already working on orchestration of Free5GC. Can this work help with the 5G Superblueprint?

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Recording: 5G SBP Birds of a Feather- Nephio.mp4



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  • Summary of the 5G Super Blueprint status
  • Summary of Nephio and its status
  • Discussion on what value the addition of Nephio might bring


Amar Kapadia  & Yogendra Pal  went through the slides. Discussion below on the following points:

  • Muddasar Ahmed : We wanted to show NaaS in the 5G Super Blueprint. In addition to including the RAN & Core, it would be good to include Transport. Indifferent to the automation framework – ONAP, EMCO, or Nephio. Showing a distributed RAN would be interesting. Showing security & control configurations is valuable. Showing the data planes flow would be helpful.
  • Ranny Haiby  : Why ARO/ROSA? (Amar: since Nephio is better optimized for software defined infrastructure at this point). Does GXC work in the cloud (Amar: needs to be confirmed).
  • A note on the diagram: RU is not running on K8s.
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Action Items

  • Contributors that want to collaborate on this to contact Yogendra Pal