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About Plenary Sessions

A Plenary session implies that all attendees are expected to attend due to either their relevance or importance to LFN as a whole.  This usually means that no other sessions will be running in parallel. Topics may be reclassified as "General Interest" by the Program Committee to run as a parallel session if deemed appropriate.

Topic Leader(s)

Topic Description

Presentation on what is needed to run successfull open source project.

Topic Overview

List of aspects that must be addressed to ensure project's success.

Slides & Recording

What is essential for a successful open source project LFN2023.mp4


  • What is successful open source project?
  • About challenges…
  • Ideas on how to get/stay there
  • Q&A


Discussion on what are top successful criterias. According to Pawel:

1. solving problem

2. providing support

3. being secure

Action Items

  • none


  1. For this discussion, can you upload pdf or some related videos on this page?

    1. Slide deck is uploaded, recording as well.