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  • Comms Planning
  • Pitch Deck / Quotes
  • Doodle Poll / 2021 Schedule

Comms Planning

The current comms plan available here:

Next steps are to identify the speakers/topics for the "meaty" discussions, short executive video snippets, and to create copy for the registration page. Please review these proposed speakers and weigh in with any feedback by by EOD, Jan 5th. Brandon will be conducting outreach to the proposed speakers on Jan 6th.

Draft Agenda

  • Intro: Heather: High level view, how formed, better together (10 mins)
  • Video Clip 1: (Caroline Chappell, Analysis Mason) HK to ask the questions (4 mins) 
  • Video Clip 2: (Jehanne Savi + Al Morton + Eric Debeau +  + Cedric) (4 mins) OR (Uli/Cedric/James: Life cycle)
  • Meaty Preso 1 (PPT): Beth + Walter + Scott Steinbrueck (Operator Business Perspective – The Business Problem, Endorsement (10 mins)
    • Value Different perspectives, meet in the middle, direct the industry where it needs to go
  • Video Clip 3: Current Community Member perspectives on launch: Emma Foley, Uli Klebber, James Gu, Lincoln Lavoie, Mark Beierl, Sridhar Rau. 
  • Video Clip 4: LF Board Members (Jonne + Chris Wright + Rajesh + Arpit)
  • Meaty Preso 2 (PPT): Nick Chase + Georg Kunz + Gergely Csatári – Technical Focus (12 -15 mins)
    • Technology / Implementation, how this will work, RA, RI, RC - interview style (1 slide for Gergely, 1 slide for Georg)
  • Video Clip 5: (Fu Qiao + Madam Yang, China Mobile)
  • Video Clip 6: (Andre Fuetsch)
  • Video Clip 7: (Sandra Rivera)
  • Press Conference (Heather, Walter, Al, others TBD)
  • Live Q&A portion

Open Questions:

  • Timing for all sessions
  • Time/format for Q&A
  • Time/format for Press Conference

The first round of Anuket Swag we'll be making is a scarf (see image). Hoping to get the scarves made and delivered to video participants ahead of video recording (TBD). At the very least, we'd like to get a scarf to Heather for her video. Note: All video presenters can use as Anuket Zoom background (under development). 

Pitch Deck / Quotes

Bob is leading the outreach to key community members / executives for supporting quotes. These will be leveraged for the launch materials and pitch deck. 

Adding quotes as they come in to this shared doc: 

Doodle Poll / 2021 Schedule

Please take the poll so we can get the 2021 meetings scheduled.

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