Welcome to the OPNFV and CNTT meld zone! 

"My mind to your mind....your thoughts to my thoughts"


Melding is the name of the game - let's combine two into something new!

This workspace is designed for collaboration between OPNFV and CNTT to create a merged organization by the end of 2020. You'll find the list of task forces and work items here. Please feel free to join any of the task forces by signing up on the relevant pages and getting involved.

Our goal is to create a combined organization that 

  • Enables Operators and Suppliers have a voice in the common Cloud platform design
  • Ensures alignment between Architecture/requirements work and Engineering work
  • Creates a sustainable resource model for organization's work
  • Facilitates Broad influence with other industry groups
  • Enables broad adoption and deployment

 (Taken from the CNTT FMO Decision Making Principles presented to the Governing Board)

The Oversight and Mentorship Team

We are here to help the task forces and all community members here by acting as liaisons with the Governing Board, internal Linux Foundation resources, and to provide and ear or guidance or helping hand as we perform the merge. Please let us know if you need anything!


About us

Working space for the merger of CNTT and OPNFV. This will be a temporary space for the execution of the meld - do not home permanent documents here.

The Meld Task Forces

The Meld task forces are here to accomplish the work of the merger in a way that enables folks to focus their time an energy. Please sign up and get engaged on the relevant task force's page.

The Marketing Task Force

The Marketing Task Force is here to execute all the marketing functions related to the merger/re-imagine and to launch our updated project publicly. 

Scope: Branding, Communications, and website development. Includes Mission Statement, value proposition, and pitch decks. Will also facilitate the public launch activities with Press, Analysts, etc.

Organization and Governance Task Force

This task force will focus on the higher level strategic aspects of setting up the new organization for success. 

Scope: Organizational and TSC structure, technical charter, legal team engagement, and operating procedures

Operational and TSC Task Force

This task force will focus on the operational aspects of ensuring that the new organization can function successfully as we launch.

Scope: Operation and tooling aspects including converged workspace, release processes, OVP engagement plan, 2021 planning

Blog stream

Thoughts from team members on the meld, our goals, successes, and challenges

It seems like it was only a blink of an eye, since the LFN board announced the upcoming merger of the CNTT Infrastructure workstream, with the OPNFV project.  Ok, it was actually this past September, but in this new world of virtual everything, it could have been three thousand years ago.  The official merger of the two projects will be in January, but there is much to do to get ready.  So let us take a quick peek on what has been happening these past few months.…
Meld ONES Announcement
This morning Arpit announced our work from the ONES keynote stage. We also put a blog live on both the LF Networking website and on the Linux Foundation blog. Here's a link: https://www.lfnetworking.org/blog/2020/09/28/opnfv-cntt-join-when-the-river-and-the-mountain-meet/ https://www.lfnetworking.org/blog/2020/09/28/opnfv-cntt-join-when-the-river-and-the-mountain-meet/ Now the eyes are upon us.   
The LFN Board has spoken and the CNTT/OPNFV Meld work has started in earnest.  Targeted for completion in January 2021 (seems like in just a blink of an eye), the initial kickoff meeting of the Oversight Committee  (OC) and several other committees supporting this effort are off to a great start.  I, for one,…

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