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  • Messaging Framework Review
  • Anuket Brand Concept + Logo Review 
  • Comms Outline
  • Next Meeting



Looked at the two new logos.  Both nice.  Will finalize which one on Monday.

Messaging Framework Review

See the link above. Beth made significant additions to the Messaging Framework this week. Thanks  Beth! On the call we reviewed the elevator pitches of different lengths and tweaked some wording. The marketing working group is asked to review what's been added to the doc and make any additions/edits/Comments before the Thanksgiving break. We'll then finalize the doc the first week of December and get started on the website copy (due Dec 8). 

Anuket Brand Concept + Logo Review


See the link above. The team reviewed the 2 final logo concepts (the flower, and the tides). There was consensus around the new color palate which s now final. The team very much liked both logo concepts, with some preferring the flower, others preferring the tides. Those that preferred the flower also preferred the naming font which is slightly different between them to better match how the logo would scale across a variety of sizes/uses ("kerning"). The team is asked to take a look at the logo over the weekend and please weigh in with their thoughts/preferences by Monday of next week. We need to make a logo decision before Thanksgiving in order to maintain our website production schedule.

Comms Outline

Here is a proposed draft outline for the comms launch. In our next meeting the team will review a detailed Comms plan. 

  • Jan 13 Launch Event
  • 2-3 hour event
  • Heather Into
  • Presentations 1, 2, 3
  • Panel Discussion?
  • Press Invited
  • Assets:
    • Website
    • Wiki
    • Pitch Deck
    • Press Release
    • Quote Sheet
    • Blog Post

Next Meeting

The group decided to meet again 2 weeks from today at the usual time, Dec 3, 9:00 AM PT. 

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  1. My latest thoughts on the logos is that I have come to prefer the feathery thing over the lotus flower.

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