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Beth Cohen Heather KirkseyBrandon Wick Bob Monkman Scot Steele Anjali Goyal William Diego MazaJill Lovato


The team reviewed and edited the current Anuket Mission and Scope statements. Note: Pankaj Goyal also made suggestions on the wiki page.

The final drafts for review are: 

Mission Statement:

Empower the global communications community to create reference cloud infrastructure architectures, tools, and programs to deliver network services faster, more reliably, and securely. 


Anuket develops reference infrastructure architectures, tools, and programs using open source license and documentation, requirements, and specifications under <creative commons>. To support the development, deployment, operation, or adoption of the open source project, will require release documentation, architecture and requirements documents, testing, integration, and the creation of other artifacts. Scope includes but is not limited to:

(a) Enable member communities to align on architecture and implementation requirements and specifications for cloud-based communications infrastructure and workloads

(b)  Drive open standards and open-source-based communities in the ecosystem,

(c) Develop an integrated, tested, and validated open software reference infrastructure (including interfaces to hardware), with tools of its own design and from upstream testing projects,

(d) Help design a conformance framework and validation programs,

(e) Contribute to and influence upstream projects leveraging the reference infrastructure,

(f) Create new open source components within the reference infrastructure where needed,

(g) Support ongoing strategic activities and evaluate emerging technologies to foster continued deployment success.

Heather to run by Scott Nicholas on the LF Legal team today, then sound out to the appropriate OPNFV and CNTT Community lists giving them until EOD Friday to respond with any feedback. 

The team then discussed the Messaging Framework. Scot pointed out that acquisition of new resources (member companies, people) will be very important post-launch and suggested a "What's In It For Me" statement as part of the messaging. Important audiences are 1. The initial members (we need more investment), and 2. Tier 2 Telcos (e.g Indonesia Telco). We need talking points here that include high level LOB owners.

It was suggested we also develop simple talking points for why we need to market Anuket and how marketing will work vis-a-vis the MAC in 2021 and internal marketing (existing members) and external marketing (potential members).

On the next meeting we'll review a strawman framework and possibly some initial branding concepts. 

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