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  • Anuket Name Review
  • Creative Brief Review
  • Branding Whiteboard Review
  • Branding Next Steps
  • Status on Mission / Scope
  • Anuket Marketing Task Force + CNTT MMA Merge

Attendees: Brandon Wick Heather Kirksey Bob Monkman William Diego Maza Anjali Goyal Scot Steele

Milestones and timelines are being updated now. Goal is to finalize the logo/brand platform by Thanksgiving to to launch Anuket in Mid-January (Jan 13 target).

Team is asked to review the updated Creative Brief and Branding Whiteboard and make any further additions/edits by End of Week.

CS Team will then use these materials to come up with the first round of logo concepts.

Bob, Scot, and Beth ran through the mission and scope again this week.

There was a discussion about how specific we need to get with the mission. Current draft also needs a better flow (too many "and"s).

Bob Monkman will take another pass at the Mission and Heather Kirksey will take another pass at the scope.

Heather to discuss with OPNFV 6:00 AM PT. Likely need to share the mission/scope for CNTT input over email. 

Goal is to have a draft 98% ready by end of next week. Heather Kirksey + Brandon Wick to determine when the vote on the charter will happen.

Bob Monkman working on collecting community quotes in support of CNTT/OPNFV. Original goal was Baraque but we'll bring this effort into the Anukey Launch plan.

The CNTT MMA is in the process of coming in the Anuket Marketing Working group. Brandon Wick to ensue everyone from that group is invited over. 

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