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Topic Leader(s)

Other participants: Gergely Csatari Al Morton Bill Mulligan @Denver Williams (Vulk) Georg Kunz Md Irshad Sheikh Heather Kirksey Jim Baker Milind Jalwadi Petar Torre Saad Ullah Sheikh Taylor Carpenter Victor Morales Lucina Stricko

Topic Overview

 Review the plans and deliverables across the various conformance projects to there is alignment on what can be expected and when for the launch of community badging. 

Slides & Recording


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    CNTT/TBC - Gathering and Validating CNF Requirements to Drive RA2 Specification

  • What are the expectations of different communities for a CNF and Cloud Native Infrastructure badging?

  • CN OVP plans to release the initial version of the badge at the same time when CNTT RI2 is released
    • ~January or February of 2021
  • CNF badging
    • General cloud nativeness related to infrastructure compatibility
    • RA2 compatibility
  • Infrastructure badging
    • RA2 compatibility
  • Before the launch
    • Testing with some pre-selected vendors
  • Key project deliverables and expectations
    • Requirements are uniquely identifiable and published as a permanent, immutable reference as part of a project release
    • Testing tools/libraries are published as versioned artifact(s).
    • Documentation of how to execute the tests are published with and pinned to the versioned artifact released
    • Mapping of tests to requirements is provided (can be from either the testing project or requirement project).
      • For CNTT-related badges this will be done by RC-2
    • Test tools can produce a result format compatible with OVP 2.0
    • This can be achieved by the test tool directly creating the result package or a supplemental script converting to the target format
      • Trevor will follow-up with Lincoln to see if we can publish the current spec or if it is planned to change
  • Planned release cadence is 2 times a year
  • CN OVP consumes CNTT RC
  • Publish the results in a standard format
    • A tarbal
      • With a JSON results files
      • All the logs
    • Maybe we will have different tarballs for the different categories
  • How to run the tests
    • Self certification, running the tests in 3rd party labs
  • We plan to continue to align with ~2 badge releases per year consuming the deliverables mentioned above.  The source projects can release deliverables on their own schedule, and the badging program will select releases and versions, in partnership with the source projects, roughly twice per year.
  • Functest will provide testing for both Platform and Workloads for anything CNTT related
  • There is ongoing work to fully define the workload requirements that will be included in CNTT RA-2.  These will likely focus on interoperability with RA-2, and other general cloud native practices will be covered by CNCF’s projects.
  • OVP badging will be based on test results for mandatory requirements only
  • It is acceptable in the first badging release that all mandatory requirements may not yet be covered with tests.  It is also possible some mandatory requirements may not be testable via automation, and would therefore be out of scope for the badging program.
    • At this time there are no plans to introduce either supplier attestations or manual testing/verification for non-automated testing of requirements.

Action Items