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Topic Overview

Current RI2 Kuberef status, gaps, planning ahead

Slides & Recording


  • questions and comments
    • Cedric Ollivier
      • recommendation to run existing Jenkins jobs in parallel to Gitlab jobs
      • Cedric offers to help with Jenkins configuration
    • Cedric Ollivier: does Kuberef also take Cluster API into accounts
    • Cedric Ollivier: test results should be published to OPNFV test database

  • Georg Kunz states that RI-2 is a prerequisite for CN OVP

  • Cedric Ollivier states that Kubernetes end-to-end tests are tied to the specific version of Kubernetes
    • BMRA current deploys K8s v1.16 and the next release will support v1.18
    • RC-2 needs to list multiple Functest container tags and when running RC-2 the right container tags must be selected

Action Items