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Topic Overview

As the OVP 2020.r1 release is being finalized, this working sessions will provide an opportunity to review and provide comments on the program documentation for this release, including the user's guide and release notes.

Slides & Recording


  • First patch for some of the required documentation updates where pushed here: 
    • Additional work need to complete the update.
    • Release notes need to update the list of software / tools.
    • Need to update the list / pointers to the test requirements defined within CNTT in the docs/testing/user/ovpaddendum/index.rst 
    • Need to ensure the documentation for the ONAP requirements and guides are correct for the VVP and VNFSDK testing.
  • OPNFV is developing some additional tests as part of the Jerma release, that would cover additional CNTT reference architecture requirements.
    • Open question: will these tests be required for the OVP2020.r1 release?
    • Open Question: how can these tests be referenced by the OVP documentation?  Likely more then one place to point to within Jerma release.
  • Next Steps
    • Need to get some more engagement from the community to help maintain this documentation.
    • Lincoln Lavoie will provide an update on the current status for the 2020.r1 documentation to the OPNFV and CNTT TSC.
    • In the longer term, we should look at where the OVP documentation is developed, i.e. move it out of the dovetail project documentation.

Action Items