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  • Review responsibilities of the OPNFV and CNTT TSCs
  • Review proposed election schedule
  • Discuss eligibility criteria
  • Review remaining tasks and priorities

Discussion items

  • Straw-proposal for the TSC workflow

  • Org/gov taskforce to propose the initial TSC composition and seat the initial meld TSC (est. 9 month initial term Heather Kirksey
  • Release process discussed
    • Meld Release Process.pdf 
    • Agreed to develop a proposal for a full set of artifact inclusive proposal for future discussion.
  • TSC membership eligibility criteria

  • Proposed election schedule
    • Assumptions
      • TSC chair and co-chair equal positions (besides the name). Enable equal representation of spec and impl. areas.
      • TSC chair and Co-chair elected simultaneously


Due dateStep


1 week

Eligibility criteria agreed

Begin compilation of active contributor list based on eligibility criteria


1 week

Active contributor list posted

Open period for proposing exemptions to the active contributor list (including additional people)


2 weeks

Begin nomination period for TSC members


2 weeks

Close nomination period for TSC members

Begin voting period for TSC membership


1 week

Close voting period for TSC member election

Announce results on mailing lists (OPNFV, CNTT, <NEW>)

Open nomination period for TSC chair and co-chair


1 week

End nomination period for TSC chair and co-chair

Open vote for TSC chair and co-chair


Close vote for TSC chair and co-chair

Announce results on mailing lists (OPNFV, CNTT, <NEW>)

Elections completed and results announced


Begin of 1 year term of new TSC
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