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ONES Recap

  • Announcement of merge by Arpit during keynote address
  • Blog on LF Networking and Linux websites, cross-posted to the Meld Wiki
  • Shout-out during CNCF keynote
  • Discussion during press conference
  • CNTT/Merge panel with Beth et al
  • AMA with Beth and Al

Naming Next Steps

  • We sent the total list from brainstorming through initial review through Creative Services, US PTO search, and Domain search
  • Next step is to cut the list in half again to send through full legal and trademark review
  • Present final shortlist to the community
    • How/when?
    • Recommendation to present to combined technical communities at the OPNFV TSC call next week
    • Engage with community in parallel with legal review – understanding that preferred choice might not survive the legal/trademark process.
  • Language Validation
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Hebrew
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Arabic
    • Swedish
    • Romance Languages
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Korean

Creative Brief Next Steps

The creative brief will be used beyond name choice to develop look/feel, logo, other brand elements. Please put your thoughts into the creative brief and utilize the branding whiteboard.

Mission Statement/Scope

  • This is also a charter dependency
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