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"Engineering to Bridge....."

Let's make sure this technical team can boldly take us where no telecom has ever gone before!


This task force will focus on the operational aspects of ensuring that the new organization can function successfully as we launch.

Scope: Operation and tooling aspects including converged workspace, release processes, OVP engagement plan, 2021 planning

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Willing Sacrifices (I mean volunteers)

  1. Lincoln Lavoie
  2. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  3. Georg Kunz
  4. Ulrich Kleber
  5. sunku ranganath (Intel)
  6.  Zhiqiang Yu (China Mobile)
  7. Jie Hu (ZTE)
  8. ChangJin Wang (ZTE)
  9. Ahmed ElSawaf
  10. Phil Robb
  11. Beth Cohen (Verizon)
  12. Heather Kirksey
  13. Toshiyasu Wakayama
  14. Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T)


  • Determine required votes, dependencies in order to execute merger
    • Run the votes based on existing voting requirements and governance; once new TSC is constituted, new votes can be done by them.
  • Update Operational Guidelines document based on above org structure decisions
  • Execute Structural plans in alignment with org structure decisions above
    • Run elections for TSC and other positions  
      • Refined Active Contributor calculation to ack CNTT github contributions and verify reporting
    • New subproject creation (new entities and old entities in new home) & repo creation & Project creation process (discussion in Gov group on work intake - collab w MeldGov)
    • Create any additional committees, working groups, other sub-groups
  •  Tools
    • Converge OPNFV/CNTT Confluence Space ( and respectively)  
      • Archive both current spaces, copy select content into new space
      • Collapse the multi-space design of OPNFV into a flat-wiki - possibly a few different spaces, but not 1 per project
    • Repurpose - archive projects, rename as appropriate
    • Create a slack instance for the new project
    • Merge CB/Insights reporting
    • Initiate discussions on additional tool merges
    • code/spec tool chain - modernization and developer approachability 
      • ReadTheDocs workflow
    • Ensure header files in alignment with any IPR changes (see Legal Section )
  • Reconcile meetings and schedule management for all concerned parties
    • Agree on recording meetings and minute taking processes
  • Release process definition
    • Release naming conventions?
  • TAC inform on new merge project/OPNFV name change
  • Define mailing list - work with TPM to implement
  • Code hygiene, code reviews and expectations
  • Prioritize task list and add due dates  
  • Build out a common wiki (sooner rather than later)
  • Cross education on CNTT chapters and OPNFV projects - collaboration domains  sunku ranganath
  • Determine the release plans for 2021 and meld the cloud native requirements between R*2 and Cloud Native OVP/Kubref
    • OVP branding strategy coupled with the RC2/RI2 plans

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