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Review Creative Brief

  • OPNFV / CNTT Communities asked for feedback and any that comes in will be added to the brief
  • Goal: Complete the demo brief this week
  • Leading Themes: Deities, Butterflies, Team Sports
  • Name Development Process:
    • MWG to propose a number of names
    • LF creative and legal will vet against trademarks/copyrights.
    • MWG to present a shortlist with rationale to the community
    • Name will be decided by a poll of the community
  • Actions: 
    • All, fill in the brief with any names, concepts, attributes that come to mind. 
    • Brandon, add in any other inputs from OPNFV/CNTT communities 

Review Meld Positioning Statement for ONES (slide under development)

Positioning will be used coming up in: 

  • ONES Announcement / Slide
  • Blogs (Heather / under development) (Beth / Now Live)
  • Brandon/Heather to add "Closed Loop" to bullet 2. 

Review Branding Whiteboard

  • This is our space to whiteboard out the the branding journey we'll take once we have a name in place. 
  • All, fill in the brief with any branding guidance that come to mind. 

Meeting Time Doodle Poll

  • Brandon to send Doodle poll for ongoing meeting. 
  • Next week's meeting will be Thu or Fri to avoid ONES
  • Brandon will be out on vacation Oct 1-18. 

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