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Kick off the group and set the course for marketing until the project launch in 2021


  • Intros
  • Timeline
  • Naming / Branding Concepts
  • Creative Brief
  • Logistics
  • Actions

Initial Thoughts: OPNFV Mission Statement Recently Updated. Website + Charter. We’re moving in the right direction but the publicly facing statement got bogged down / watered down a bit. We want technical team input but Marketing needs to lead this effort. Need to accurately reflect technical work, and need crisp messaging (business/tech), and action oriented that help us bring resources to the table. Develop a positive reinforcement cycle. Job of marketing: Invoke an emotional response with decision makers. Note: While we will solicit feedback from the technical community for brand attributes and accuracy, it's important to note that this is a marketing-led exercise. 

Marketing Timeline

  • Week of 9/14: MWG Kickoff: Naming Attributes / Merger Messaging
  • Week of 9/14: High level positioning statement for ONES (why/value/Eco Impact)
  • Week of 9/21: Naming Options Review 
  • Week of 9/21: Start Drafting Mission Statement (Charter Version)
  • Week of 9/28: Announce Merger at ONES
  • 10/1 - 10/18: Brandon Vacation
  • Week of 10/5: Finalize Name
  • Week of 10/12: Charter Due
  • Week of 10/19: Initiate Messaging Matrix Draft
  • Week of 10/26: Review Logos/Branding
  • Week of 11/02: Finalize Logos/Branding
  • Week of 11/02 - 01/08 Build website + Collateral + Comms Plan
  • 1/13/21 - Announce new project

Launch Ideas: Website, Collateral, Exec Panel, Developer Stories, etc. Note: We have about 6 months to make an impact (while we are the new shiny object). Keep reminding the industry we are here, work with the community to leverage progress, and Momentum. Also: Evangelism/recruitment effort -- Now is this time to advance the work, contribute. Q: What can folks take internally to business leaders (or participants) to get involved? 

Naming / Branding Concepts

No acronyms, nothing "open", no literal descriptions of what we do.

Initial concept ideas: Historical, linguistic, cultural

Ideas: Water Deities (ties in with OPNFV's river releases and color palate, strength), Butterflies (ties into transformation, evolution, early OPNFV keynotes).

Creative Brief


This is the template we will be filling out and submitting to CS. 


Once past Baraque (collecting community feedback now), MMA group will meld/merge into this group. 

Call for attributes to the community due by EOW. Brandon to share Creative Brief/Naming Shortlist with this group by EOW. Send me your ideas.

Group will meet weekly at this same time. 

Action Items

  • Brandon Wickto set up a Marketing Working Group Wiki
  • Brandon Wickto send out call notes to MWG
  • Brandon Wickto send out call for attributes to the community lists
  • All, send any additional conceptual ideas by EOW
  • Brandon Wick to draft up initial creative brief
  • Brandon Wick to update Marketing Milestones

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